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Cyber-Bullying Media

The author of this report has been asked to compare and contrast three different forms of media that all pertain to the same subject, that being cyber-bullying. The three types of media that will be singled out for analysis and research are podcasts, blogs and videos. For each source, the author will assess the source's use of bias, validity and applicability of information. Beyond the compare and contrast mentioned above, the author will examine the influence of web-based information on global citizenship and multi-cultural understanding. Lastly, there will be a listing of three factors that should be considered when evaluating Internet sources for use in researching information. While there is a lot of "good" when it comes to internet research and the data that is present, there is also a lot of "bad" that muddies up the proverbial waters.


The podcast media that was selected for this report was found on the National Crime Prevention Council website. They have an entire page dedicated to cyber-bullying, how to deal with it, how to report it and so forth. The solutions offered are comprehensive, detailed and there are a lot of other useful links on the same page tht also related to safety. A lot of it pertains to children but there is plenty of adult material as well including senior safety, hate
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crimes and so forth. Anyhow, there are five podcasts listed on the website near the bottom. The topics covered in each podcast, in order, are the basic facts of cyber-bullying, taking action, creating change, students speaking out and improving public safety. There are no signs of bias in the site or the podcast because it is clearly a public sector and agency-driven initiative. The information is valid and applicable. However, there are surely some kids that could do all of these things but they still suffer because parents, administrators and so forth are simply not doing the ethical or legal thing. However, that is no fault of the NCPC (NCPC, 2015).

When it comes to blogs, the author of this report found the "" website. The page relates to both in-person and cyber-bullying but both are covered quite well. The page in question is a sub-page of the broader website in question. One article that was posted (back in April 2015) relates to how law enforcement should respond to cyberbullying incidents. This can be a bit of a gray area because simple taunts and teasing are usually not illegal unless there are threats and assaults behind the words. When the harassment is online, it gets even more complicated. However, in an age where children are being endlessly harangued and bullied to the point where some of the victims are killing themselves or otherwise following a…

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