Tuition Reimbursement: A Persuasive Memo Essay


This also creates a more positive and upbeat attitude in the workplace. Even non-career educational efforts such as Google's fitness classes create a better mood in the workplace. After doing yoga, a Google employee returns to his or her desk better able to improve his or her creative output. Additionally, adult education classes that enhance mood and body can save money on employee sick days and healthcare expenses. Employees with better attitudes about themselves, enhanced by lifelong learning, are less likely to feel stressed and psychologically traumatized, even when the workflow is high. Attracting top talent

Retention is enhanced through tuition reimbursement. It is much cheaper to hire a new worker than it is to retrain and enhance the skills of an existing worker. Education means that employee's skill sets are less likely to grow obsolete, reducing the need to hire new workers. Enhanced skill sets mean that the same workers can perform many different tasks. And workers are more likely to remain at a company that compensates them for their education. It demonstrates that the company wants to help them, not simply make them work in its service, as education can enhance the worker's future. Workers are unlikely to quit a job if it means discontinuing pursuing a degree.

More motivated, qualified workers are often attracted to companies that offer tuition reimbursement. "These programs effectively give pay raises to what is likely to be the most valuable group of employees…Employees who are considering advancing their careers will be more likely to choose to be employed by an employer which offers a tuition reimbursement program because the program allows the student to take their classes for free or at a significantly reduced rate" (Krumrie 2008)



To attract such top talent, the company must acknowledge that larger competitors are offering this attractive bonus to employees. The most enterprising workers will gravitate to Google and other companies that offer continuing education if Company X company does not. Workers at every level can benefit from this program, both young and old. "Tuition reimbursement programs can benefit young workers trying to complete a degree, and they can benefit experienced workers looking to learn new skills" (Krumrie 2008).

Despite the uncertain economy, now is not the time to be 'penny wise but pound foolish.' Instead, workers must understand that Company X wishes to invest in its future by investing in their future. Workers who are adding to their skill sets are happier, more productive, and more creative employees, regardless of their position at the organization. A higher level of education and expertise is needed in every facet of the company, from the it staff to the marketing department. Everyone benefits from tuition reimbursement and workplace education programs: employees, employers, and customers.

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