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Beatlemania: Technology, Business, and Teen Culture in Cold War America

The Beatle had an influence on many cultures throughout the world and to a greater extent than most people realize. Although most people understand that they worked to revolutionize music and even fashion, they Beatles effect had much farther implications that spread throughout the economy in general and even influenced technology. It is argued that the European influence on the Beatles made them fashion leaders as opposed to simply followers of the contemporary style. (Millard, 2012) . The bands style could be defined as a striving to be different and while some people believed that their attire was outlandish, there style was quickly integrated into many demographics such as teenage culture.

For example, the Beatles continually looked for ways to stick out and separate themselves from the "heard." One style that allowed them to do this was by wearing zippered Italian Chelsa boots and the band made these fashionable in England along with narrow knit ties (Millard, 2012). Before the Beatles started wearing these...


However, after the Beatles were seen in these outfits then many people across England started wearing them and the trend spread.

"An engineer at Abbey Road recalled, "What struck me most about the Beatles when I first saw them was their skinny knit ties ... within a short time, it seemed like everyone at EMI was wearing them." (Millard, 2012)"

Other element of their appearance also spread through the culture in a similar way. The Beatle's haircuts was one of the defining features of their overall appearance.

The haircuts that the Beatles wore were noted to be inspired by French and German styles that were associated with college students and intellectuals (Millard, 2012). Although it was simply a haircut, it also served as something of a statement that represented a progressive or alternative lifestyle. A lifestyle that conflicted with the norms of the perceived bourgeois society. The Beatles also coupled such statements with other fashion such as Italian clothing and various accessories. Another interesting aspect to their appearance is that the band dressed in a uniform manner and each of the outfits the group members wore were similar. This strategy was born from the band manager's insistence on uniformity and they worked hard to maintain an "image" that appealed to both male and female fans.

The image of…

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Millard, A. (2012). Beatlemania Technology, Business, and Teen Cutlure in Cold War America. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press.

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