Ukraine Conflict


Cultural Geography The downfall of Communism was seen with a sense of optimism and hope. This is because different nations in the former Warsaw Pact countries felt a sense of freedom and self-determination. However, the reality is that new challenges emerged which are continuing to be dealt with to this very day. In its place is the emergence of nationalist beliefs. The video titled Thousands of Ukrainian Nationalists March in Kiev; is showing how this is impacting the both sides in the Ukrainian civil war. ("Thousand of Ukraine Nationalists March in Kiev," 2014)

Inside it shows pro-Ukrainian nationalists marching in Kiev. They are demanding recognition for those who fought against the Soviet Union during World War II. This is because the Soviets were a repressive regime which is known for committing various atrocities on the Ukrainian people. The protestors believe that Ukraine needs to be a strong independent state, which embraces its history and supports the ideas of self-determination. This is something that has not happened, as the country was a pawn in the Soviet Union's and Russia's sphere of influence. ("Thousand of Ukraine Nationalists March in Kiev," 2014)

Some of the former Soviet Bloc countries are experiencing similar challenges...


These issues have caused tremendous amounts of upheaval inside specific areas. The Ukraine is considered to be a part of Eastern Europe with close ties to the Soviet Union. After the downfall of Communism, it broke off and became an independent state. However, there are differences between the Eastern and Western parts of the country. This is because select groups in the East want to maintain strong relations with Russia. While the Western Ukraine, is determined to join NATO and become a member of the EU. ("Thousand of Ukraine Nationalists March in Kiev," 2014)
To achieve these goals, the Western leaning elements, have been working to implement a series of democratic reforms and liberalizing the economy. This has caused anger among those who are in the East, as they feel that Kiev does not understand what is happening and is ignoring their plight. Since its independence, this kind of back and forth brinksmanship has been utilized for political gains. ("Thousand of Ukraine Nationalists March in Kiev," 2014)

The problem is none of the democratically elected governments have been able to bring the country together. Instead, the leadership has been self serving and corrupt. This…

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