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¶ … United States to Respond to a WMD Attack Within Our Borders?

The objective of this study is to answer how prepared the United States is to respond to a WMD attack within its borders and to answer whether there is enough capability to effectively respond to such an attack. This study will further answer as to whether the response plan and command control structure clearly understandable and whether everyone has a role or if there are gaps or redundancies. Finally, this study will answer as to how intelligence supports this response with restrictions imposed upon intelligence operations within our borders.

The challenges to an effective response to a WMD attack within U.S. borders are diverse in nature. Some of the challenges are technology related while others relate to communication among agencies and operation teams. In addition, there is presently funding issues relating to effective management of homeland security initiatives making efficient methods of security more important than ever before in history as...



I. Preparedness

In terms of technology, it is related that CBRNE equipment standards are required for ensuring that threats are reliably evaluated and that effective response strategies are implemented. Towards this end, it is critical that the technological curve be kept in view in the establishment of the CBRNE equipment performance standards through leveraging "the best practices from other industry sectors, such as telecommunications, electronics, and personal protective equipment (PPE) that rely heavily on the use of performance standards." (National Security Council, 2009) Performance standards are inclusive of: (1) effectiveness; (2) suitability; and (3) survivability. (National Security Council, 2009) The importance of technological aspects of securing the U.S. Homeland cannot be overstated and specifically since USNORTHCOM, establishing in 2002 serves to united and combine all aspects of the Department of Defense. USNORTHCOM is reported to be in charge of planning, organizing, and executing "…homeland defense and civil support missions…" (DISAM Journal of International Security Assistance Management, 2007) NORTHCOM is reported to provide "unity of command, which is critical to mission accomplishment." (DISAM Journal of International Security Assistance Management, 2007)

II. Gaps and Redundancies

Joint Publication 3-28 reports that Homeland Defense (HD) and Civil Support (CS) Missions "are distinct" however, "some department roles and responsibilities overlap, and operations require extensive coordination between lead and supporting agencies." (2007) While the missions of CS and HS and reported as "separate…but have areas where the roles and responsibilities may overlap and/or lead and supporting roles may transition…

Sources Used in Documents:


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