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U.S. with prison data collection?

The major problems encountered by United States in managing and collecting the data of its prisoners encompass the historical importance of the police department and the extent to which there activities contribute to well being of the society cannot be denied in the modern settings of the society. But yet when the term police come to the mind of an individual the most primitive adjective that comes to the mind is the law enforcement and protection of the civil violence in the society along with the safeguard of the rights and properties of the citizens.

As a matter of fact the importance of the police department cannot be denied due to the fact that these specialized individuals are responsible for the commencement f the most core activity of the society- the activities associated with the safeguarding the rights and responsibilities of the citizens. But yet the importance of these specialized individuals is not just limited to the security activities but they have a diverse portfolio of responsibilities to perform. There job roles include primarily the safety of the citizens followed by more advance and complex job roles including conducting trials and having direct encounter with the criminals. Hence the fact that elevates the importance of the police department can be elevated that they are responsible for conducting the administration of the society.

The term administration is a broad term that encompasses a significant amount of job roles and responsibilities of the police department. As the police are designated the task of assuring peace in the society so they are hereby designated the responsibility and power to exercise their authority in a legitimate manner. The basic term that fulfils the criterion of the effective policing a the legitimate use of power (Williams, 2010).

Question 2

Discuss the barriers to inmate prosecution in general.


The government and state of most of the countries of the world designates the police department to initially disperse the set of acceptable norms by the police and later conform to those rules by vigilant servers and exercising legitimate powers.

Owing to the diverse job roles of the police department the urban law has bifurcated the police department in to a number of units to ensure the law enforcement in all domains of human activities and functioning the major type of police include street patrol officers, homicide, Bomb Squad, SWAT, auto theft, Missing Persons (detectives), dive teams, helicopter, motorcycle, bike and mounted patrols, vice, narcotics, juvenile, community relations, K-9 Units, Internal Affairs, burglary, ADR, support personnel such as dispatcher and the court officers holding the family courts and the criminal courts.

Apart from the bifurcation of the police department according to their job roles and responsibilities the state with the passage of time has also endowed the basic requirements of security and safety of the police officers functional in all the domains of law enforcing mission of a country. The state has bestowed the police department with the formal training programs and ensures that they care for their lives as well as their survival before they get in to one on one encounter with the police criminals. The police officers that are prone to physical stressors and threats can be assessed and the intensity of these threats can be reduced but as far as the court officers are concerned whose responsibility is to tackle the emotional traumas the training is a difficult phases to accomplish effectively. The police officers are responsible for the maintenance of peace in the social settings of the society so in the course of their action they may encounter physical stresses and sever life threats at times (Wenzel, 2010).

Question 3

What are significant racial or structural variables that differentiate inmate and community level gangs?


The primary data yield from the primary data collection methods portrayed a clear picture of the difference between the nature of stresses and the job roles of the police officers and the court officers. More than 40% of the police officers called themselves under severe stress and as a consequence regarded themselves as trained of catering to tough situations, but on the other hand nature of job and stressors revealed by the court officers was more sharp and candid in approach. As per the 60% views of the court offices they cannot be trained to be inhuman because sentiments and emotions are an inevitable byproduct of human race and deciding over the huge and traumatic family issues and dictating the root causes of criminal activities and tracing the antecedent issues that consequently resulted in the criminal activities declares that there nature of job and stress level is higher than those of the police officers on verbal exercises. As a matter of fact and proven realities the nature of the court officers is different from the police officers and the nature of their job is more complex and critical as a lot of issues are associated with the nature of their existence and the task bestowed onto them and hence their job role and responsibility has derived them to a point where the effect of each and every stressor is unpredictable and unique in each situation. Community level gangs are there by a specialized unit of existence and the police department of the United States is well versed with the criterions to handle this sect of prisons in a humane manner (Stephan, 2000).

Question 4

What are significant causes and consequences of guard-on-inmate verbal or physical coercion?


The most primitive reason that can justify the purpose of this study is to understand the nature of stress that the law enforcing institutes face in commencing there day-to-day activities. As a matter of fact many people dwelling in the urban and rural area are of the idea that ensuring the effective law enforcement is the responsibility of the state but they tend o subjugate the reality of e fact at the people that are hired in the police department are also human beings and are equally prone to the hazardous environment as well the streaming crimes and direct police encounter. As a matter of fact the life of a police officer is far more difficult that a life of an ordinary citizen it is for this reason that the purpose and significance of this study has an elevated insight particularly with respect to the humanitarian approach. The people recruited for the police department cannot be regarded life less or even sense robotic individuals, but the state and the society needs to acknowledge them as human beings, though specialized. The humanitarian approach of the police officers and the court officers is not just limited to the physical stresses that they endure but the risk that may impact them acutely is the post traumatic stress and the psychological stresses. Hence the basic need of the acceptance of the police officers and the court officers is mainly to maintain the required level of resilience and develop a strong being to encounter the challenges. The nature of the stress encountered by the police officers is the physical one. But the distinction of the nature of stress as a stress and eu-stress will actually determine their degree of effectiveness. The police officer that is in a one to one encounter, or directly proceedings a criminal through a trial is regarded as a few stressful situations. But the stress to fulfill their tasks effectively and efficient is regarded as a positive stress (Morrisson, 2007).

Question 5

What are the negative consequences of adopting strict system-wide ban correctional officer coercion?


On the other hand the nature of major risks involved in the job role of the court officer is far different than those of the police officers. The court officers are the specialized and experienced individuals that are hired by the law enforcing institutes of a state as per the response to deal with the family conflicts and the criminal proceedings

The job analysis and the review of the job description of the police officers and the court officers is mainly concerned with the appropriate training for unquantifiable risk that comes there way as a routine. The law enforcing institutions are hereby regarded as the mainstream if the country well being. The major risks involved with the police department at large is the loss of life, but apart from this major risk a few associated risks involved are the loss of mental and physical stability. In more than 35% of the police encounters the police officers that are a part of the patrol loss thee hands and other body organs essential for maintaining their normal routine and hence leaving them as physically retarded handicapped individuals. But the point of relaxation is the state's provision of funds and salary until they restore their health and jobs. Bit this is not the scenario if a police officer losses his basic body parts and can no longer serve as the police officer, the nature of stress and the state's dealing is…

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