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Career Planning Program for 16-year-Old males (Older Adolescence)

Career planning is important to all people irrespective of their age. For older adolescents, the first phase of career planning includes encouraging the adolescent males to summarize their career development needs and information through self-assessment. The summary will be inclusive of information clarified through the self-assessment step and career development exploration. The approach helps in communicating the major preferences, interests, values, and strengths to the advisor and emulation of skill development needs. Self-assessment narrows down to processes that involve evaluation of the skills, potential, strengths, and ability to meet career goals. An individual does assessments and the analyses form the basis for drafting plans keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses (Gibbons, Borders, Wiles & Davis, 2006). The draft of the plan means that there is the execution of helping for finalizing the career path and profession that the 16-year-old wants to choose. It is important to ensure that people choose and continue into finalizing the career assessment and evaluate others in case they opt to roll back. For purposes of engaging career advice, an individual can engage processes of knowing that a backup plan is important.

The second phase of the program is consulting a career advisor or supervisor. The completion of CDAP offers joint efforts between the adolescent and immediate supervisor. This is followed by sharing summaries of the self-assessment clarification as well as asking for feedback from the supervisor on the strengths and development areas. The career supervisor...


Other variables worth noting include expected turnover and program plans (Santrock, 2012).

The third stage is setting clear career goals. The major variable is the consideration of the information clarified coupled with an awareness gained from the conversation(s) with the immediate supervisor. The areas of interest include the adolescent's current position as well as the future positions that they aspire. With the career supervisor, the adolescent male can ably decide on short-term (1 year) against 2-5 years (medium-term) goals that fit the individual, the position, and the entire organization. The adolescent can discuss long-range (above five years) career objectives for working towards achieving them in current engagements (Gore, Kadish & Aseltine, 2013). Self-analyzed content allows the individual to pay attention towards filling loopholes identified in previous steps. In this approach, the individual will have to perceive the skills and qualities required by the individual while facilitating achievement of aims and goals.

The fourth step involves creating development activities on a clear roadmap. The application of career goals as ideal guidelines will enable the individual identifies the competencies and skills that require further development. In a collective consideration with the supervisor, the individual can map out career learning and development activities and…

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