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I would say that my greatest strengths as a teacher are my commitment to improving the lives, learning, and attitude of my students and my determination to engage in intense self-scrutiny about my teaching methods. I am determined to make school a dynamic and welcoming place. Balancing the individual needs of students with the need to create an integrated and fully-functioning classroom is my challenge and the challenge of so many educators today: we must meet pre-determined standards in terms of what students can learn, but are coping with a more diverse population than ever before.

I hope to use that diversity as a strength to make my classroom a better place. Using team assignments enable stronger and weaker students to work together and create a more cohesive sense of unity. I also intend, on the other hand, to encourage students to engage in independent activities, such as research projects, which will empower them, and give them control and direction over their learning. It will also enable them to personalize assignments to make them more interesting. Students must be able to work with one another and independently to succeed in the workplace today.

A final vision of mine is to fully integrate technology into the classroom. Students must know how to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate Internet sources from an early age. Encouraging students to engage in informational treasure hunts, and to create interactive media projects, such as webpages, will ensure that the skills they use in the classroom will be useful for many years to come, and show them that technology is more than a social tool -- it is a resource for their education.

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