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Canada ISIS

The world's stage is full of confusion and warfare as the unsettled circumstances in the Middle East resonate loud and strong across the Atlantic to Canada. The purpose of this essay deals with explaining the reasons why Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada should continue with the involvement with the conflict with ISIS as the Islamic terror group gains significant footholds in Iraq and other strategic locations in that region of the world. This essay will use three arguments to support this claim to demonstrate the need for involvement and Stephen Harper's decision on this matter will impact many events to come relating to this matter.

ISIS is a Global Threat

The doomed attacks on 9/11 in America demonstrated the global reach of Islamist terror groups. The world's political, economic and social structure was transformed in many ways as a result of this attack, and the Western world was forced to alter their way of life to accommodate this newly exposed threat. In 2014, ISIS represents a stronger and more powerful threat than Al-Qaeda and the jihads being cast today are more threatening and dangerous than 13 years ago when the Twin Towers fell.

This new landscape is unique and demands the attention of all nations interested in preserving a peaceful way of life. "ISIS is fighting more like a conventional army than al Qaeda ever did. It has seized territory and declared a caliphate in northern Syria and Iraq. ISIS is also employing more conventional military tactics, using assault rifles and grenades. It may seem strange to say, but ISIS is even more brutal than al Qaeda. It has used extreme violence and brutality to attract attention and more followers, and so far,...


"[footnoteRef:2] These new tactics create an environment that points towards some type of involvement from the Canadian Army regarding this approach. [2: Wong, Kristina, "Five ways ISIS, al Qaeda differ." The Hill, 9 September 2014. Retrieved from http://thehill.com/policy/defense/218387-five-ways-isis-is-different-than-al-qaeda]

Another significant reason to contemplate taking action against ISIS is the group's ability to raise funds and garner awareness amongst Islamists across the globe. This new appeal has replaced the old and worn ideals that al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden represented. This group has significant influence in many areas of the world. "six senior figures in the Pakistani Taliban have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a symbol of the terrorists' expanding influence among Islamist groups. The move is likely to have serious consequences for security in Pakistan, particularly near the Afghan border where all six of the men are based, leaving it open to the kind of violence and brutal oppression ISIS has employed in the vast swathes of Syria and Iraq under the group's control."[footnoteRef:3] This trend demonstrates a need for Canada's action. [3: Hall, John. "The growing influence of ISIS now reaches Pakistan as Taliban leaders pledge allegiance to brutal jihadist group." UK Mail, 15 October 2014. Retrieved from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2793622/the-growing-influence-isis-reaches-pakistan-taliban-leaders-pledge-allegiance-brutal-jihadist-group.html]

Stephen Harper stands to benefit in many ways. This is a rare opportunity for Canada to take the international lead on an issue that is very threatening to the country. This act, will be certain to mobilize those who support such actions and provide Harper with more political power to deal with this problem as he sees fit.

The Parliament Attacks

The recent Parliament attacks in Canada demonstrate this new flexibility by ISIS to strike where there is a vulnerability. What was exposed during that attack, is that Canadian leadership is a target of those wishing to commit acts…

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