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Riff Henry B; Hatzes Nanette M. Bramel; Michael H. "Emotional Intelligence and LD in collage students." Journal of Learning Disabilities. 34:1. pg.66-78. Feb 2000. 10/18/01

This article talks about various aspects of emotional intelligence in regard to college student's life and behavior. It discusses LD-leaning disabilities as well as the measurements of emotional intelligence constructs by means of EQ.The article recommends that for students to have good achievements, then they must follow the following skills (social) keenly;

Navigation through an environment which has a complex bureaucracy

Ability to advocate for various requisite recommendations

Ability to effectively overcome the various forms of obstacles while being able to compensate for the various challenges that are presented through tackling of various learning problems.

Ability to manage stress that usually accompanies the various challenges

The paper then presents an experiment conducted by Hatzes in interviewing of a total of 20 adults who all had LD.10 out of the 20 had been previously academically dismissed from university. Through his study he came to realize that emotional intelligence has the following components.

Ability to effectively manage one's emotions


Appropriate interpersonal skills


A high level of positive reframing

Informative style

Tapia Martha. "The Relationship of the Emotional Intelligence Inventory. "ERIC. Mexico, 1999-11-00 (p21) 10/18/01

In this article, the relationship between emotional intelligence as measured through the techniques of Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQI).The article discusses the importance of various school ability test like the GPA grade point average and PSAT. The article then concludes by indicating the fact that the use of EQI scores are an indication that there exists a total lack of correlation between the construct of emotional intelligence and the general human intelligence as evaluated by means of PSAT.EQI scores in this article were evaluated on the basis of grouping by ethnicity.

Ellis, Arthur K. Research on Educational Inovations. Larchmont: Eye on Education, 2001. Pgs. 97-99.

In this paper, a short history of Emotional Intelligence is presented that covers a period of a couple of decades ago. This article presents the generally more popular view of Emotional Intelligence as advanced by Daniel Goleman. This covers the five domains as outlined by Coleman. A definition of the five domains is presented as well as the components contained within them.

Rovenger, Judith. "Fostering Emotional Intelligence."...


46:12.2000. 10/6/01.

This article presents an analysis of the role of literature in the development of student's intelligence. The book has the ability to aid students in the identification of their personal feelings by means of various characters and pictures that are fundamental in the development of their self-awareness. The overall result is the ability to manage their emotions through coming in touch with their emotions. The method employed included the teasing of various characters in order to elicit the feeling of empathy in the children. The book is perfect for the development of the five domains of emotional intelligence.

Elias, Maurice J. "Primary Prevention: Educational approaches to enhance social and emotional learning." The Journal of School Health. 70:5.2000. 10/6/01.

This journal is based on Daniel Goleman's description of Emotional Intelligence and its relation to the world of mental health. This journal presents a description of the importance od having good emotional health in the lives of students. It also presents a possible method to be used in including the concept of emotional health in the curriculum as well as a way of implementing this crucial component. It has various examples of how the concept of emotional intelligence can effectively be developed via various programs for the classroom environment.

Pfeiffer, Steven I. "Emotional Intelligence: Popular but Elusive Contrast." Roeper Review. 23:3.Apr 2001. 10/6/01.

This article describes the various different methods of measuring emotional intelligence. The concept if emotional intelligence is presented via the theory advanced by Daniel Goleman. The paper presents a detailed description of each from of emotional intelligence tests as well as their perceived levels of accuracy


Salovey, P., & Mayer, J.D. (1990). Emotional intelligence. Imagination, Cognition, and Personality, 9, 185-211.

Mayer, J.D., Salovey, P.R., & Caruso, D.R. (2000). Emotional intelligence as Zeitgeist, as personality, and as a mental ability. In R. Bar-On & J.D.A. Parker (Eds.), The handbook of emotional intelligence (pp. 92-117). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.


Sources Used in Documents:

Salovey, P., & Mayer, J.D. (1990). Emotional intelligence. Imagination, Cognition, and Personality, 9, 185-211.

Mayer, J.D., Salovey, P.R., & Caruso, D.R. (2000). Emotional intelligence as Zeitgeist, as personality, and as a mental ability. In R. Bar-On & J.D.A. Parker (Eds.), The handbook of emotional intelligence (pp. 92-117). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Zeidner, M., Matthews, G., & Roberts, R. (2004). Emotional intelligence in the workplace: A critical review. Applied Psychology, 53(3), 371-399.

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