What Led Me To Choose My College Major And Community Contributions Term Paper


¶ … college major was picked and what career that will lead to. In the second part of the essay describe your most significant contributions to your community. Evaluating my career decision and how my current activities affect my community.

Selecting the right career will have an impact on your entire life. Sometimes, learning how to volunteer in your own community can provide you with the skills necessary to help you be successful in a future career.

Explain what led to your interest in your particular major and what career you ultimately wish to pursue think that it is important to chose a college major based on your own likes and dislikes and also to consider what industries are doing well in the economy. My college major is twofold: music production and business. I think it's important to have a background in business for any career that I may have chosen. My decision to become involved in music production was based on several key factors. First of all, that fact that I live in Southern California, the movie and record capitol of the world, had a significant impact on my decision. I realized that potential...


I have always enjoyed music and having a career based on some aspect of the music industry would be of interest to me. In addition, I think that the entertainment industry, particularly music remains popular even during times of economic distress. It provides an outlet away from the reality of life and most people enjoy some type of music. Because the industry is always growing, the financial rewards are unparalleled for someone who has a good understanding of what drives the industry. It's also important to have the right contacts. Music is a very popular part of our entertainment culture and the business opportunities are endless.
What I envision is eventually branching out and possibly becoming involved in other aspects of the entertainment industry, particularly, film directing. I think co-majoring in business will provide me with the platform of skills necessary for establishing my career and eventually achieving my goals.

What do you consider…

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