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Domestic Violence

The author of this report has been asked to respond to a number of scenarios. In each case, there is a question of who is responsible for a negative event happening given a certain set of circumstances. The blame will be assigned based on a percentage basis with the grand total fo the percentage adding up to a hundred percent collectively. There are five scenarios in total and they grow in complexity from one to the next. It was clear straight away the point that was being made and the "gray" areas that exist with some incidents. However, no gray areas exist when it comes to domestic violence. While there is a variety of ways in which situations can escalate and grow in severity, domestic violence is domestic violence and it takes on many forms.


The first scenario speaks of a man who bought a pair of slack at JC Penney. He gets to his car and puts the bag with the slacks in the car. On the way home, Ron steps out of the car to get some groceries from the grocery store. While in the store, Ron leaves his car unlocked and he finds that the slacks are stolen when he returns to the car. A bulk (if not all) of the percentage for a theft really resides with the thief because they are the one that commits the act of theft. However, Ron could have and should have locked his car and was neglectful in not doing so. This could come off to many as "blaming the victim. However, Ron could have easily prevented the theft but did not do so. Ron did not deserve what happened to him but leaving the car unlocked led to the theft. The second scenario is a situation where Bobby steals money from his mother and goes to the video arcade. When other kids at the arcade realize Bobby has money, the lure him to a dark movie theater and beat him up and rob him. The question becomes how responsible Bob is for his mugging and beating. In the end, he would bear more of a burden than Ron because he committed a crime, technically, and that led to another crime happening to him. Had he not stolen the money from his parents, he would not have been mugged. However, the muggers are still more to blame. Even so, it is more of a 60/40 proposition with Bobby…

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