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Robinson's daughter. She has no dialogue of any depth...She agrees to marry a tall, blond jock...mostly because her parents will be furious with her if she doesn't. She is so witless that she misunderstands everything Benjamin says to her. When she discovers Benjamin has slept with her mother, she is horrified, but before they have ever had a substantial conversation about the subject, she has forgiven him -- apparently because Mrs. Robinson is so hateful that it couldn't have been Benjamin's fault. She then escapes from the altar at her own wedding to flee with Benjamin on a bus, where they look at each other nervously, perhaps because they are still to have a meaningful conversation" (Ebert 1997). This seems unfair to Elaine to some degree, but it underlines the


Elaine's vacuous character, and her mother's lack of a real outlet for her ambitions show how the early stages of the sexual revolution in America, before the women's movement, seemed to offer little promise for a form female liberation comparable to that of their male counterparts.

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