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Neil Armstrong has made a significant contribution in the American history by: being the first man to set foot on the moon. (Jackson, 2008) for centuries, humans were only able to look at the heavens and dream of visiting other worlds. As the mission commander of Apollo 11, he was able to accomplish this on July 20, 1969. His achievement placed the United States ahead of the Soviet Union in space race and it created a lot of excitement for future space exploration. Aside from Armstrong, the Apollo 11 crew included: Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin (who followed Armstrong onto the surface) and Michael Collins (who served as the command module pilot).

The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), is a multi-faceted student and youth organization that aimed to bring about changes in schools / communities. It was developed in the mid-1960's and endured until 1969. SDS made important contributions in the fields of: democracy, student power and other society. Moreover, SDS engaged in campaigns and programs that provide chances for other people to become organizers of different events. (Pekar, 2008)

In this aspect, SDS was committed to making radical changes in society. As the issues and struggles that were experienced by many young people during the 1960's, became the focal point of this organization. This is important, because it shows how the views from this group had an impact upon: the Democratic Party and their liberal base during the 1970's and into 1980's. (Pekar, 2008)


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