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World War II

The Use of Atomic Weapons on Japan in WWII

The Second World War officially began in 1939 with the evasion of Poland by Germany. The United States of America did not officially enter this international conflict of epic scale until the Japanese attacked American and European territories in the Pacific in 1941. The war persisted until 1945, culminating with the surrender of Japan and Germany to the U.S. & Allied Forces. During World War II, the world saw the first demonstrations of nuclear weapons -- atomic bombs. There were two infamous attacks on Japan by the U.S. On Nagasaki and Hiroshima, where the atomic bombs were dropped and caused unparalleled damage. The paper will provide a historical and political context within which to consider why the United States of America resorted to the use of atomic bombs upon Japan.

War campaigns waged by Germany and Japan were widely successful. Germany successfully invaded and conquered several critical European territories, providing them with substantial tactical advantage and a serious boost to their morale. Allied with human history, the implications for whomever the winning side of the war was (is), the stakes for victory were of epic proportions. This is one of the reasons why the United States resorted to atomic bombs in efforts to stop Japan and stop the war. In essence, the times were very desperate, and as the adage states, "desperate times call for desperate measures."

As with most forms of technology, it is not only just one person or one country that is developing the technology or playing with the ideas. Ideas for technology are always in the air, and it is just a matter of which party is able to produce and in this case,…

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