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Worshipful Mayor

Memo regarding building emergency sea gate with current funds

After studying the issue, and the costs thereof, we have come to the conclusion based on the following facts:

That building a Seagate may be feasible as per the advice of the engineers. However they also opinion that such a hurricane as sandy occurs once in 25 or so years. The cost of building such a barrier would be enormous. It would result in increased taxes and the efficiency of such a measure is not guaranteed.

The second alternate is to build smaller dykes that would keep off sea erosions but would do nothing against storms like sandy.

The third alternate is to increase the existing infrastructure in such a way that flooding can be avoided. And other programs are continued in a phased manner.

With consideration to all of the above, we believe that investing in a sea gate at this juncture would be a waste of resources. On the other hand we have about 10 years before another such calamity can occur. We studied the management of drain and storm water management and propose based on these studies that Your Worship may be pleased to consider these facts:

1. That aftermath of the Sandy the new and media have covered the event and brought forth suggestions like Sea Gate must have a 6 or 7 feet high cement and steel sea walls. There were about 850 homes in the community and it is noted that some cement and steel barriers would protect the properties against waves, but not against giant storms, incoming waves, but not from the flood waters. It is submitted that any amount of barriers erected against the sea would not be enough against storms of the Sandy kind. It would be impossible to erect without break a wall about 150 feet high all over and it is possible that the storm gets over that too. Normal storms are another issue. (Shawn, 2012) However the solution of building a wall is not the solution because such steel structures that existed did not protect the homes. The only alternative against storms like sandy is seeing that residences are constructed on possible higher grounds.

2. The important system to be in place is storm water management and in this case we believe that while the corporation can retain the management of the storm water and follow a different strategy with the view point of costs. It is submitted that the involved citizens who wish the gate to be constructed be involved in protecting the property or moving to higher ground. This involves creation of private enterprise innovation with a part of the cost being shared by the corporation. Involving a strategy in the view point of the organization or board is based on the entire business that the operation is involved, and this being the core, decisions of business units or in this case the affected partners who seek to achieve their immediate goals have to be linked and be in accordance with the holistic general objective. Business wise it also has to have a business advantage in some form or another namely a competitive advantage. (Trent, 2007)

Thus the project must be planned as a comprehensive strategy that includes all stake holders. And where private participation is mandated the private sector must be given the power of enforcement to avoid bureaucracy and the costs can be spread between the agency and the city -- both by subsidies, taxes and cost cutting measures. The industries and commercial establishments must be encouraged to build and use their own par of the wall using private enterprise with the corporation can provide them with such resources and experience as can be brought in. We may also follow the similar pattern that the Los Angeles County created a Local All-Hazards Mitigation Plan with strategies for natural and man-made hazards and the plan was approved by, FEMA and the Governor's Office of Emergency Services -- OES. (L. A. County Online, 2013) Thus the infrastructures in the cities, like schools, and railroads have involved NGOs. It is not possible for the wall to be built by the corporation and hence the other two alternatives can be begun straight away while an exploration is made with…

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