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S. government of the legitimacy of their invention. They had to travel to France to prove their invention, because they French, who probably had their own stake in being the first inventors of the airplane derided the Wright brothers as being fakes. The brothers were successful in France. They also managed to convince the U.S. Army that their invention was a success.

In 1910, the brothers flew together for the first time. They also took their father on a short flight. In the same year, the brothers also flew cargo, a few bolts of silk. The brothers incorporated a company called the Wright Company. They got into several feuds with the Curtiss Air Company and also the Smithsonian...


In both cases, the courts found for the brothers.

From a personal life standpoint, both brothers were confirmed bachelors. (Crouch 1989) in 1912, Wilbur died from typhoid. Orville took control of the company, but eventually sold it three years later. Orville died in his eighties, in 1948. But before that he became the doyen of the evolution of flight. He garnered many awards and was the member of several boards as well as academic committees. Orville Wright even made it to the National Academy of the Sciences. Almost forty years after he first flew, Orville Wright had the distinction of flying with Howard Hughes in one of his planes.


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