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Bright Well Mental Health Service Inc.

(Establishing Fictitious Mental health care center)

Company Background

BrightWell mental health service Inc. is focused on providing health care facility to individuals of all ages. Their mental health service program is comprehensively designed to cater the needs of children, adolescent, adults and people of old age. The mental health services are not just limited to the psychological and emotional well-being of the individuals but BrightWell mental health service Inc. also provides substance abuse and chemical dependency (alcohol and drugs) services to adults.

The company has been in operation since January 1990, based its head quarters in New York, USA. It has aimed to provide mental health service throughout United States and also consultancy and medical care through its medical camps in developing countries of East Africa and Asian countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey and Tajikistan.

Establishing BrightWell Mental Health Service Inc. On 501(c)(3) Clause of IRS

Non-profit organizations like BrightWell mental health Service Inc., they obtain 501(c)(3) status referred to the IRS tax code that gives tax-exemption status to these organizations. The procedure adopted in forming such organization is defining the type of organization, developing the mission statement, forming board of directors team, file articles of incorporation, drafting of bylaws, developing the budget, establishing record keeping structure, designing accounting system, file for 501(c)(3) status, file for tax exemption status and finally apply for non-profit mailing permit. The Corporate governance part of this status which includes mission and vision, board of directors and governing body is discussed in the following section.

Mission and Vision

The corporate mission of the BrightWell Metal health Service Inc. is:

"Provide wide range of metal health services and social
security to the individual through comprehensive healthcare program. Also provide information and assistance necessary to ensure that each individual have bright, happy and healthy living with confidence in society."

The corporate values of the health care company was based on providing benefits, high quality services, creating awareness and mental healthcare educational program in the developed and developing communities and regions.

Major Challenges

The major challenges confronting healthcare facility in accomplishing its mission are:

a) Insurance Coverage of Health is provided to all the citizens to fulfill all the medical needs of the individual. BrightWell mental health service inc., promote broad range of mental healthcare facility through this insurance program and create awareness about the cost effectiveness of mental healthcare treatment.

b) Expansion of healthcare facility through the insurance program will limit to the extent that many of the illness are not covered in the insurance coverage. This will necessitate the need for public funding for the treatment and awareness creating. This public funding is managed though trust, grants from private enterprises and individuals and public body investment.

c) Develop strong research and development unit for continuous advancement and progress of the medical facility and needs of its client.

The vision of the company is to fulfill the mission of the organization by taking care of the major challenges through strategically designed policies and procedures that comply with the clauses of nonprofit organization and overall objectives of the firm.

BrightWell mental health service BOD and governing body

Executive Committee

President of the medical facility is Hart Karen. He has been associated with the National Institute of Health Association as the Vice President of Community health program. He possesses his Masters in community health program and has been associated with many residency health programs. He has profound experience the related field.

Peter James, Company Secretary/Treasurer have Chartered Accountancy and have been affiliated with many accountancy firm of…

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