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Can you help me with an outline for a speech on anxiety?


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Anxiety is a normal feeling that can be present in a variety of people.  However, when a person feels excessive anxiety, which is characterized as anxiety that is either without a cause or is disproportionate to any stimuli, then the anxiety may go beyond a normal reaction and be part of an anxiety disorder.  When you are writing a speech about anxiety, it is important to differentiate between that anxiety that is a normal part of everyday life or even a normal reaction to unusual stressors and anxiety that 

Outline for Speech on Anxiety Example

I. Introduction

A. Define anxiety

B. Anxiety disorders

C. Treatment for anxiety disorders

D. Thesis statement

II. Define anxiety

A. Anxiety as a normal response

1. All people feel anxiety at sometimes

2. It is a normal response to certain stressors or events

3. Feeling anxiety is not disordered

B. Anxiety as an abnormal response

1. When thoughts are intrusive

2. If anxiety interferes with normal living

3. If anxiety is in response to triggers that are rationally harmless

C. When normal anxiety is excessive

1. When anxiety is…

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