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I need help locating 5 primary sources on What are the long-term effects on Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse?


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Child sexual abuse is one of the more pervasive social issues of our time. Child sexual abuse has a profound impact on the families it impacts and a lingering impact on adult survivors of child sexual abuse. RAINN is a great general resource for information and can provide you with some links to research as well as helpful links for adult survivors who are seeking help. If you are looking for primary sources, then you can look for two different types of sources: first-hand accounts by survivors or direct evidence, which can be research.

There are a number of different resource that you could use for research on the topic.  Here are five:

Ben-David, V., & Jonson-Reid, M. (2017). Resilience among adult survivors of childhood neglect: A missing piece in the resilience literature. Children and youth services review78, 93-103.

MacGinley, M., Breckenridge, J., & Mowll, J. (2019). A scoping review of adult survivors’ experiences of shame following sexual abuse in childhood. Health & social care in the community27(5), 1135-1146.

McLean, L., Steindl, S. R., & Bambling, M. (2018). Compassion-focused therapy as an intervention for adult survivors of sexual abuse. Journal of child sexual abuse27(2), 161-175.

Kennedy, A. C., & Prock, K. A. (2018). “I still feel like I am not normal”: A review of the role of stigma and stigmatization among female survivors of child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse19(5), 512-527.

Steine, I. M., Winje, D., Skogen, J. C., Krystal, J. H., Milde, A. M., Bjorvatn, B., ... & Pallesen, S. (2017). Posttraumatic symptom profiles among adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse: A longitudinal study. Child Abuse & Neglect67, 280-293.

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