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Job Application Letter I Am
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Consider our team's work last year with a major mining client. This company faced a difficult tax situation with regards to an operation in PNG and we were called upon to solve the problem to avoid trouble with the regulators.

Our star accountants set about this task, but the job of coordinating the effort was mine. I needed to organize the paperwork, to track the progress of the different team members and to ensure proper filing of the necessary documents with regulators. Under my direction and leadership, our partners were able to bring the problem to a smooth resolution, saving the client tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

I like to feel that my coordinating efforts and expert information management helped to make this success possible. I had a specific role on the team and I fulfilled it to the highest level. This allowed the other team members…

Dream Community Unlike the Popular
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Older people could receive tax incentives to act as teachers to students in areas of expertise, or simply to help out as coaches or staff. Ideally, private educational institutions would be few, to ensure a lack of a drain of community resources from the public schools, although private schools could supplement student education for students with special needs that could not be met by the public system.


Unless it was required for their daily work-related commute, residents would agree to drive fuel-efficient cars and receive tax credits if they drove hybrid or electric cars.


Community watch groups would supplement the police force. Both police and volunteer organizations would also engage in educational efforts with the school system regarding anti-drug, anti-bullying, and anti-violence campaigns. Fire safety would be ensured by a professionally trained core force, supplemented by a group of volunteers for less vigorous conflagrations.

aste collection

Collection would…

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Chasing the Dream Joe Torre's Chasing the
Words: 834 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11215251
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Chasing the Dream

Joe Torre's "Chasing the Dream" is the life story of Torre, and its theme is his lifelong quest to win a World Series and a World Series ring. His brother Frank played baseball, Joe saw first hand the joy of winning a Series, and it became his goal in life to do the same -- to experience the joy of winning the ultimate baseball game. He writes, "As I took my team on a victory lap around Yankee Stadium, I thought, This is what I wanted my whole life" (Torre 12). The book is an autobiography, but it is really more than his life story, it shows how everything in his life helped lead to this defining moment in his life.

Throughout the book, Torre weaves his lifelong love of baseball into the theme of the book, showing how it became his ultimate goal and dream job.…


Torre, Joe. Chasing the Dream: My Lifelong Journey to the World Series. New York: Bantam Books, 1997.

Online Job Search When I
Words: 652 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73336729
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It pays to read all the job descriptions and not be scared off by a title that sounds intimidating.

3. I will search as many job-related Web sites as possible, taking my time and being patient. I will not give up if the first Web site does not present me with my dream job. I will read carefully through the job descriptions on the Web sites, because if I skim too fast I might overlook positions that would be ideal for me. I will maximize my search time by bookmarking positions I am interested in, coming back to those later.

I will search for jobs in many different categories. I will not restrict myself to certain job categories, because the employer might list a position in a category that I normally would not have chosen. I will think long and hard about how my talents can be maximized in a…

Dream I Become a Business Consultant in
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Dream: I become a business consultant in a company that specializes in developing marketing strategies for cosmetics products.

• My Life Role: College student

• My Long-Term Goals in This Role:

I earn an associate of arts (A.A.) degree by June 2012.

I earn a bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree by June 2014.

I participate in a two-month business internship in an advertising company in the summer of 2014.

I earn a master of business administration (MBA) degree by June 2016.

I publish a scholarly business journal article by the time I earn my master's degree.

• My Short-Term Goals in This Role: (this semester)

I achieve an A in my English 1, Counseling, Introduction to Business, and Business Law classes by May 12.

I complete a research paper about the importance of marketing strategies for my introductory business class by April 14.

I discuss the findings of my paper…

Dream City Oriented the Apparent Garbage Crisis
Words: 2515 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46508685
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Dream City


The apparent garbage crisis of overflowing landfills would help develop urban landscapes for the future city.

Establish an overlay district of employment to encourage high-income employment in strategic locations

I would like to see the city where health systems are integrated and sharing one regional headquarter.

The leaders must facilitate development programs that generate high-income jobs.

I must address my quest for an economically vital and people-friendly future city. The apparent garbage crisis of overflowing landfills would help develop urban landscapes for the future city. There are various ways in which trash could be transformed into treasure. Based on my understanding of the Clearwater's challenges and opportunities, coupled with the current economic conditions, I believe the below strategies will translate Clearwater into a new city of my desire.

Establish an overlay district of employment to encourage high-income employment in strategic locations: the future city will be a…

Dreamed of Creating Magic - And He
Words: 1956 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40462341
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Dreamed of Creating Magic - and He Does

One of my dreams was to grow up and become a magician. ell, that's what happened. I'm not a science fiction writer. I'm a magician. I can use words to make you believe anything." -Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is one of the classic authors of our day- one of the fathers of science fiction. At nearly 82 years old, and over 500 works later, he is still going strong. He is still writing, creating and producing.

Ray Douglas Bradbury was born in aukegan, Illinois on August 22, 1920. He was the third son of Leonard Spaulding Bradbury, a telephone line worker, and Esther Marie Bradbury, a Swedish immigrant. Bradbury credits his mother, with jump-starting his love of fantasy and the supernatural. His mother was fascinated with the new motion pictures. She would sneak Bradbury in with her when he was only two…

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Job Stress
Words: 6333 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76804291
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American today, works more that an American worker of even a generation ago. A 1999 Government report stated that workers worked 8% more hours than the previous generation. This translates to an average workweek of 47 hours. Twenty percent of workers today work more than 49 hours. The work place has been constantly changing -- the revolution from agronomies to industrialization having had its origins in the industrial revolution. Most of the industrialized regions of the world have attained better standards with significant improvements in quality of life as a result of the industrial revolution. In turn, however, the workplace became more formal and restrictive. Any personal skills of an individual worker were generally ignored. These abilities were not essential a worker's role in the "new" work environment.

Mass production was the next phase of change in the workplace. It made standardization the norm. Greater emphasis was placed on conforming…


Armour, Stephanie. "Workers Seek Compensation from Employers for Job Stress." USA TODAY May 15, 2002.

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Nickel and Dream People Who Are Born
Words: 1272 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97400830
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Nickel and Dream

People who are born or raised in the United States share unique character traits because of the American culture. Because this is considered a land of freedom and opportunity there are rights and gifts that are promised to each citizen. The American Dream is the unique idea that anyone who is willing to work hard can come from nothing and achieve their life's goals and ambitions so long as they live in America. Anyone, no matter how low class their level of birth, can succeed and have all the material possessions, money, and related power that they want as long as they are willing to put in the effort to achieve it. It is a promise which is two-sided because it requires the American to reach out for what the nation is holding above their head. In response to this ideology, many American authors have taken it…

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Organizational Culture Use the Job Characteristics Model
Words: 937 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75882975
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Organizational Culture

Use the job characteristics model to explain why female MDs are working fewer hours

The most common job characteristics model used to explain why female doctors work fewer hours than their male colleagues is that female individuals retain the disproportionate burden of child and house care, in contrast to their male professional colleagues in the medical profession. Thus, to maintain some semblance of order in the home, and to greater balance home and family life, female doctors are statistically likely to be working fewer hours, as more and more female doctors enter the medical profession. As the medical profession's women no longer is made up only of die-hard future doctors, determined to sacrifice everything in their personal lives for the sake of work, they are less apt to work as many hours to retain that balance.

Another, related, corollary explanation is that female doctors desire, at the expense…

American Dream in Arthur Miller's Death of
Words: 1635 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87974772
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American Dream" in Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman" with References to Mark Twain and Henry Thoreau

Arthur Miller's play entitled "Death of a Salesman" is a story about a man who has created a conflict with his family because of his great belief in the American Dream. Willy Loman, the main character in the story, makes a living by being a salesman, and the story revolves around his frustrations in life, particularly the strain in his relationship with his eldest son, iff Loman. Willy's frustrations stems from the fact that iff was not able to have a permanent and stable job, and is often fired from work because of some petty offense or misconduct on his son's part. Willy always insist that his son iff must develop relations with other people, and he must also have charisma and the ability to interact with them in order to achieve prosperity…


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American & God's Dream the
Words: 2814 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 23912517
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Marx's interpretation of Twentieth-Century Capitalism, as described by Miller, describes the changes in the American dream. The American dream was initially one linked to the idea of land ownership. Immigrants came from Europe, where land ownership had been a privilege of the wealthy. However, when America was relatively unsettled, almost anyone could theoretically come to America and claim land, and many people did just that. Of course, some of these early Americans did so in a grand way, traveling westward from the cities and establishing homesteads in the wilderness. The idea of home ownership, however, was not limited to those frontiersmen. Instead, only 100 years ago, someone could come to America and, because of the cheap price of land, afford to build his own home if he worked hard enough to do so. However, the nature of the home, itself, was different. Those homes were centers of production: at the…

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Mollie's Job Author William Adler
Words: 843 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 8566740
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Unfortunately, their American dream is more often than not the American nightmare. It does not provide living wages for their families to live on. Their blood, sweat and tears build the companies. The leaders attempt to evade paying the workers their fair share by moving to other states where they can pay less money. This is exactly what Universal Manufacturing does by moving its operations to Mississippi. It goes there to pay less money and avoid the unionization that is the only weapon that the workers have in their struggle to organize and get more money and better working conditions. Mega corporations in the time of globalization do exactly the same thing, but just on a much greater scale in the time of NAFTA when selling out to lowest bidder and making people into commodities that can be sold over international borders has been raised to a high art.


Works Cited

Adler, W.M. (2000). Mollie's job: A story of life and work on the global assembly line. New York, NY:


Man's Realization of His Dream of Becoming
Words: 1766 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33370580
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man's realization of his dream of becoming a United States Army Drill Sergeant. The introductory part provides an initial glimpse of how drill sergeants are commonly seen by ordinary people and the stereotype Hollywood movies have made on this important members of the United States Army. Thereafter, the paper takes the reader to how the person became a drill sergeant and the kind of course taken to earn the title as well as have the privilege of wearing the drill sergeant hat and badge. The paper then progresses into the initial assignment after completing the drill sergeant course and concludes with the more responsible posting as a Senior Drill Sergeant in one of the United States Army's training schools.

Personal Experience


Most people have seen and are familiar with the United States Army recruiting slogan "e All You Can e." For over two decades (from 1980 to 2001), these…


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Gail Godwin's Dream Children and Tobias Wolff's
Words: 1686 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65040035
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Gail Godwin's "Dream Children" and Tobias Wolff's "The Liar" are both stories about escapism. In "Dream Children" a woman whose baby was stillborn and who may have had a hysterectomy because of it finds solace in out-of-body experiences and dreams. Her escapism is harmless, and yet it deeply disturbs her neighbor and worries her husband. Likewise, James's compulsive fibbing in "The Liar" is not intended to hurt anyone, but the behavior gravely disturbs his mother. James lies to create alternative realities, just like Mrs. McNair uses astral travel. The two short stories are told from different points-of-view: "The Liar" in first person and "Dream Children" in third. However, the tales share a considerable amount in common including characterization, resolution, and theme. Both Godwin and Wolff show how escapism is a natural human response to painful life situations.

Godwin and Wolff are both Southern writers; both were born in Alabama but…


Godwin, G. "Dream Children." In American Short Story Masterpieces.

Wolff, T. "The Liar." In American Short Story Masterpieces.

Goal The Dream Begins Summary of Plot
Words: 1301 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Movie Review Paper #: 22706272
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Goal! The Dream Begins

Summary of Plot

The movie begins by showing a young Hispanic man working in Los Angeles both with his father as a landscaper and in a restaurant. The young man has played soccer on the streets of Los Angeles and in the parks since he was a child, but he has never taken the incredible skill he has acquired farther than local city leagues. His father is of the belief that people of their background and station in life should not dream of becoming something that they are not. The father thinks that Santiago, the young man, should work as the father has all of his life. Santiago is able, with the help of his grandmother, to travel to Newcastle, England to try out for their soccer team.

Through a lot of difficulty (another player becomes jealous and smashes his inhaler, he is stuck on the…


Jeffries, M., Barrelle, M., Huffam, M., & Stepper, D. (Producers), Cannon, D. (Diector). (2005). Goal! The dream begins [Motion Picture]. United States: Touchstone Pictures.

Santillan, J. (1998). The patriarchal system: The exclusion of women in medical case studies. Retrieved from

Welfare Experience Deparle's American Dream
Words: 577 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43600171
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The second issue is the economic disparity between men and women, and the differences in their earning capabilities. Not only are women more likely to be single parents, they are also less likely to be given jobs then men, and are also apt to earn less at these jobs. The fact that even full-time employment in many cases did not provide enough of a living to support a family is a key indicator that something is wrong with society. Welfare is an attempt to address this problem, and even it falls short. This also leads to a feeling of injustice which is definitely felt by many on welfare, and is used to justify continuing payments by certain individuals DeParle mentions. In general, however, the families he depicts are struggling against external practical constraints and the inner struggle and strained energy reserves that this causes, with very real inhibitive effects on…

American Dream and Wealth Gap
Words: 688 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49146958
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Economics and Global Capitalism

The American Dream has always been tied to homeownership, yet homeownership has always been a prospect made possible through long-term loans made to credit-worthy applicants. For Main Street, this was mainly the case at least since the Baby Boomers came to age. For subsequent generations, predatory lending came about as the monetization of debt became another way for Wall Street to make money off Main Street. The American Dream prior to this was connected to the concept of upward mobility, but this too has been linked to the prospect of homeownership. Essentially, the American Dream has always been a dream about ownership of assets, of being at the minimum part of the middle class—a status that anyone could achieve in America so long as he was willing to work hard. Today, with globalization and the offshoring of manufacturing, the blowing of credit bubbles, the devaluation of…

Living The Egyptian Dream in
Words: 826 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 18061615
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Any tells his son to soberly build a garden and home and tend it, which is true on a literal level about keeping a tidy property, and also a metaphor for an orderly and moral soul. Do not rely on another man's goods, he says. Do not fall into debt -- credit card debit or otherwise. Treat elders with respect -- rise when they come into the room. But do not strike back at a brawler, or reveal too much of yourself.

However, this last bit of advice that stresses the need for social decorum that may reveal something unique about Egyptian society. Clearly ancient Egypt was a hierarchical society, and perhaps highly politically charged. Treating one's social better with deference, and not revealing too much of one's own affairs was integral to one's personal and social survival. But although the political atmosphere in ancient Egypt was no doubt very…

Designing a Benefit Plan & Job Description
Words: 1732 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 7016452
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Golf Course Designer

Job Description

Golf has grown to be one of the most recreational and enjoyed activities in the United States. Even with all of the golf courses out there, new ones are designed, created and sculpted every day. Indeed, all of the populated continents and most of the countries in the world have at least one golf course. Even plain and average-looking golf courses require a lot of planning, pre-design and preparation. This is where an adept gold course designer comes in and that is what Acme Golf Course Consulting Services is looking for.

Acme Golf Course Consulting Services is in need of a golf course designer that is forward thinking, able to design the golf courses that our clients dream of and desire and at a price point that is agreeable to everyone involved. Of course, no single golf course is going to be easy to design…


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Westinghouse Public Relations Historic Overview and Job Over
Words: 1805 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21698613
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Organizational Structure

According to Pugh (1990), the organizational structure is an instrument that appears from the need to fulfill the organizational aims and objectives with the tools and activities that are available. Following the way that this process is managed, several types of organizational structures can be identified, including pre-bureaucratic structures, bureaucratic and post-bureaucratic structures, functional structures, divisional structures and matrix structures.

Westinghouse organizational structure falls into several different categories. On one hand, it is a bureaucratic structure. Among the characteristics of such an organization, Weber (1948) identifies several: "precision, speed, unambiguity, & #8230; strict subordination, reduction of friction and of material and personal costs- these are raised to the optimum point in the strictly bureaucratic administration."

The bureaucratic nature of the organizational structure at Westinghouse is motivated by at least two aspects: (1) the nature of the industry in which Westinghouse operates: the nuclear industry, highly regulated, which implies…


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The Different Jobs in Human Services
Words: 2145 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17662256
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Human Services Assistant

The main job of human service assistants is to help people overcome very difficult times, or get more support. They give assistance to co-workers, like social workers, and help customers discover community services or benefits (Social and Human Service Assistants: Occupational Outlook Handbook: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Educational equirements: High school diploma or its equivalent. Some employers would rather hire workers with more academic qualifications and experience. Advancement opportunities are limited without additional education (Social and Human Service Assistants: Occupational Outlook Handbook: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Works with the section of the population that is either suffering or in need of additional support (Social and Human Services Assistants: Occupational Outlook Handbook: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Average Salary: $28, 850 per annum (Social and Human Service Assistants: Occupational Outlook Handbook: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Potential Challenges / ewards: The job of a social service…


Acosta, G. (2013, October 15). "USC Social Work." The Benefits of a Career in Social Work. Retrieved October 1, 2015, from 

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The American Dream Essay
Words: 3488 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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The American dream is something people in the United States and the world over, have strived for throughout the years. From the first immigrants of Western Europe to the new immigrants of Asia, Africa, and the Americas, many came to this country in pursuit of freedom a chance at upward mobility. This American Dream essay example will focus on the ways Americans have in the past and present, attempted to achieve a life of happiness and fulfilment in the United States.

Title Recommendations:

Pursuit of the American Dream

To be or not to be: The American Dream

A chance at Upward Mobility: The American Dream

Topic Recommendations:

The Modern Day American Dream

Why Do People Pursue the Elusive American Dream?

How to resurrect the American Dream

The Ideals Behind the American Dream


I.  Introduction

II.  Body

A.  The History Behind the American Dream

B.  The Modern Day American Dream…

Truth Behind the American Dream
Words: 1286 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 36560027
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He blames his father his personal failure because he, "blew me so full of hot air I could never stand taking orders from anybody! That's whose fault it is!" (1108). illy's failure extends beyond the workplace and spills over into his family life. This should come as no surprise since the two are closely connected when we think of the American Dream.

illy does not want to change and this proves to be detrimental to his job, his life, and his family. At the age of 63, illy decides not to think about change or failure. It is easier to find excuses. For example, he tells Linda, "The trouble was that three of the stores were half-closed for inventory in Boston. Otherwise, I woulda broke records" (Miller 1046). He admits "people don't seem to take to me" (1047) and he is often overlooked and "not noticed" (1047) at work. He…

Works Cited

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Shoeless Joe American Dreams How
Words: 2567 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 94483215
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And so America continues to search subconsciously for ways back, for snorkels to lower to those buried souls. Consider the resurgence of magical literature in America over the last decade and a half. Never since Tolkien has the fantasy genre -- the Twilight books and the wealth of vampire chronicles accompanying for example -- been so widely successful. J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels are a recent manifestation of that search for snorkels. What could be more escapist than to imagine being a wizard estranged and insulated from his magical heritage and forced into the mundane -- muggle -- world? As Shoeless Joe was to Ray Kinsella, as writing was to W.P. Kinsella, so has Harry Potter been to a recent generation of Americans. Harry Potter is a mythological symbol of the type Campbell knows has been lost to the detriment of the people. He is the truth Americans wish they…


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Living Out a Dream to Live Out
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9533301
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Living Out a Dream

To Live Out a Dream

I was a boy who loved to read, write, and daydream. Everyday I cherished going to school and my mother never had a hard time waking me up because I knew that one day I would be able to take care of her and my family. My father passed away when I was 12 and he would always tell me that a smart man will opt to use with his brain before his back, and that I could do anything I put my mind to. He was a strong believer in these notions and in my ability, the oldest of 4 children.

It all began when I was 15 years old. Having no option, I needed to work. Everyday after school I would run home and do the necessary chores so my mother would not have to worry. After, I would…

Generation Conflict and the American Dream
Words: 777 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49855165
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Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller, and "The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts" by Maxine Hong Kingston. Specifically, it will discuss conflict between generations and the "American Dream" in the two works. Both of these works clearly show the conflict between generations that often results from differing views of the "American Dream," the dream that is so elusive to so many of us.

Author Kingston's story is fact, rather than fiction, but the generational differences between her and her mother are still apparent. She remembers, "We'd have to face four- and five-day-old leftovers until we ate it all. The squid eye would keep appearing at breakfast and dinner until eaten. Sometimes brown masses sat on every dish. I have seen revulsion on the faces of visitors who've caught us at meals" Kingston 108). Her life is far different from her mother's, and she is firmly entrenched…


Kingston, Maxine Hong. The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts. New York: Vintage International, 1976.

Miller, Arthur. "Death of a Salesman." Masters of Modern Drama. Haskell M. Block and Robert G. Shedd, ed. New York: McGraw-Hill. 1962.

The American Dream Today
Words: 1457 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58608596
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Opportunity and the American Dream
In spite of what Adams said, the American Dream still depends a great deal on birth or position. As Reifenberg and LeBlanc note, it all depends on one’s opportunity: a “general lack of opportunity affects the ability of the less welloff to live up to their full potential. Often disadvantaged for reasons beyond their control, they are forced to live life dreaming of what might have been had the circumstance of their birth been different” (445). In other words, unless one is born into the right circumstances, the right family, or the right environment, the so-called American Dream is unlikely to become a reality. Someone born in the urban part of America, in a poor family or in a poor community, is not going to have the same opportunity to achieve the American Dream as someone who is born the son of a wealthy businessman…

Sweet Dream of Eduardo Gutierrez by Jimmy
Words: 775 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41720568
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Sweet Dream of Eduardo Gutierrez by Jimmy Breslin

This is a paper on the book 'The Short Sweet Dream of Eduardo' by Jimmy Breslin. It has 3 sources in MLA format.

The book 'The Short Sweet Dream of Eduardo Gutierrez is the story of an illegal Mexican immigrant who crosses over to the American side of the Mexican-American frontier, one of the divisions of which is the large desert of Arizona. This illegal immigrant, the protagonist of the book, Eduardo Gutierrez, comes to Brooklyn neighborhood of New York in search of good prospects for himself and his poor family back in Mexico and finds work at a construction site, under an unscrupulous builder. The book details the life of this illegal immigrant right from his birth in a small town in Mexico; up to the moment, he finds a job at a construction site. The author Jimmy Breslin not only…


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Dragon the American Dream in
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Sissy Eng stands out in direct contrast to her younger brother, having fully embraced the American Dream by marrying a white husband -- one who interestingly exoticizes Chinese people and culture -- and capitalizing on her Chinese heritage through the publication and sale of a cookbook, in which she takes enormous pride and pleasure. She, like her father though in a less subservient manner, fully caters to the American expectation of her Chinese identity, and uses it to make her own version of the American Dream. She is quite successful at this as well, and is entirely happy with the life she has created for herself as a staunch Chinese-American. Sissy does not exhibit any sense of guilt or conflict for having "sold-out," but rather accepts the largely artificial identity of her mixed culture or nationality as her natural place in the American systems of thinking and success.

Fred Eng…

Dollars and a Dream an
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With the passage of time, Walker's 23 products attracted annual gross earnings as high as $276,000 (1917) and her business employed around 3,000 employees most of whom were females. (Latham, 1993; Nelson, 1987).

In a short time Madame Walker had more customers she could accommodate. She set up a shop, trained other women to assist her, and soon founded a school from which graduates received diploma permitting them to operate shops of their own, using the ' Walker system'; always, however, with the solemn admonition not to call themselves 'hair straighteners.' They were crisply told to use the title 'hair culturist' or 'scalp specialist.' All necessary metal implements and ointments were purchased from Madame Walker, and so profitable was the sale of equipment and the return from tuitions that her yearly payroll mounted to more than two hundred thousand dollars. The dekinking process developed into a sizable industry, soon found…


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career interview job questions
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prioritizing your work on a typical day?

Prioritizing work means coming up with a schedule that is based partly on the importance of meeting specific deadlines, but also based on the actual importance of each task and the people who requested them. Low priority items would get shifted to the bottom of my to-do list, freeing up energy and time for the more important activities. However, on some days it is helpful to tick off some of the low priority and easy tasks early.

Tell us how would you handle a disgruntled customer who is not satisfied with your job performance?

Handling disgruntled bosses or disgruntled customers requires patience, confidence, and poise. The first thing I would do would be to take a step away from the conversation if I find myself getting upset. I can return to it later with a calm and clear mind. Then, I would try…

Legendary American Dream Is Home
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The proliferation of the internet has threatened to undermine the capacity of real estate agents and brokers to control the dissemination of information in the real estate market. Prior to the inception of the internet and the adoption of its use by the real estate industry, details relative to real property was largely within the exclusive province of the agents and brokers. Multiple listing services, property transfer information, existing liens and mortgages, etc. were, until the proliferation of the internet difficult, if not impossible, for potential buyers to obtain. The internet changed all that but many real estate professionals have attempted to hold on to their control of such information which has precipitated considerable litigation (Darlin). The battle that is raging is between a real estate industry attempting to remain competitive in the market place and consumers demanding more autonomy and more information.

B. Marketing and Customer Demand

There is…

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Searching for a Job Hopefully I Will
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searching for a job. Hopefully I will have a job already. I see myself as more confident in the direction of my life; knowing better what I wish to do with my life; and having more of the skills to accomplish these things. I also see myself as having more resources and experiences that can better equip me for a job in my chosen field. These skills and knowledge will give me more of the confidence and make me a better candidate for specific job opportunities. I will also be more aware of what it is that I really want to do as well as my strengths and weaknesses in this particular field, I will have a larger network and greater maturity in general. This greater maturity will make me more resilient and better able to deal with possible challenges that come in my path/.

What are your goals in…

Education Level and Job While
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As you do this you should distance yourself from career barriers such as apathy, motivation, laziness which we term as personal barriers and those like family pressure such as expectation to run family business, avoidance of career that are below your stature and finally peer pressure.

Now on long-term career planning which involves a window of about five years or more with a wider set of guidelines and of cause preparation. As we all know that thing do change that is right from businesses to career through to workplace and whatever skills you have acquired today may not be of much help in years to come hence in long-term career planning it is a matter of developing core skills that will be always valued by employers (with identifying being your major doing verb).once these is done then your journey goes on, now with exact career examination and recognition that will…


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Detail Five-Year Plan for Career Including Jobs
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Detail Five-Year Plan for Career, Including Jobs You Want, How Leverage Education and How Prepare Yourself for This Path.

Experience has taught me that despite one's best intentions sometimes the unexpected evolves. Taking this into consideration I gladly outline my five-year goals understanding that unexpected events or circumstances may change my path slightly, but ultimately not interfere with my primary purpose, which is to develop and manage my own company.

In the next five years I plan to acquire the professional skills and experience needed to start my own information-systems business in the global economic market. To facilitate this dream I intend on seeking employment with Wall Street in a position that will endow me with practical knowledge in product development within the international finance market. I plan to acquire a position that will teach me how to market products successfully so I can translate these skills into solid business…

Sociology Definition of Concept Theory The American Dream
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Definition of Concept/Theory: The American Dream is one of the most pervasive elements of American consciousness and identity. It is the cornerstone of the myth of meritocracy in America, as the American Dream suggests that anyone can achieve upward social mobility simply by working hard. The American Dream is one of the chief motivating factors for foreign immigrants, who flee war-torn, poor, or otherwise problematic places abroad to seek asylum and opportunity. Although the American Dream has come true for many Americans, including immigrants, the achievement of upward social mobility and integration with the dominant culture in America remains elusive. The American Dream is more a myth than a dream.

Example 1: Drash, W., Basu, M. & Watkins, T. (2013). Boston suspects: Immigrant dream to American nightmare. CNN. 20 April, 2013. etrieved online:

This article is about the suspects in the Boston marathon terrorist attacks. The article focuses…


Drash, W., Basu, M. & Watkins, T. (2013). Boston suspects: Immigrant dream to American nightmare. CNN. 20 April, 2013. Retrieved online:

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Death of a Dream Arthur
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Throughout the play, Willy longs for the wealth, privilege, and equality the America was alleged to have been built upon until he can no longer deny that the promises of the American dream are just an illusion. While this is without a doubt a scathing critique of capitalism, at the same time, the play seems to be trying to show that nothing is truly real and once you remove all of the 'bells and whistles.' In other words, 'real' people, just like the American dream, are a myth. No one is immune to putting on a 'front' for other people, but when the opinions of others dictate your life and your decisions, this is when the human soul begins to deteriorate. Willy Loman is the characterization of this corrosion.

The death of the American Dream portrayed in the play, as well as the constant comparisons between the rich and the…


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Epidemiology and Valley Fever
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Dream Job Turned Nightmare: Valley Fever
Executive Summary
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2018a), coccidioidomycosis, also known as Valley fever, is an infection caused by the fungus Coccidioides. The fungus is commonly found in the soil in the Southwestern U.S. and Mexico region. When people breathe in the spores of the fungus, which can hang in the dusty air, they can develop Valley Fever. People who already have weakened immune systems are most likely at risk for developing Valley Fever (Woods et al., 2000). Those with healthier immune systems tend to recover within a few weeks, though sometimes it can take months to heal completely and antifungal medication may be provide for treatment. This paper describes how descriptive and analytical epidemiology can be used to provide a response plan for the disease.
Purpose Statement
The purpose of this paper is to provide a discussion on why…

Skills Needed to be a Financial Manager
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My dream job is to be a financial manager. I love the idea of managing the finances of individuals or organizations. Having a sharp interest in the micro- and macro-economic currents around the world, the various markets -- from bonds to equities to derivatives to currencies -- and the way in which events impact valuations, I enjoy the thought of being able to manage assets in a world where the risk-reward relationship is fraught with peril. It is a role the demands an executive level of commitment, foresight, caution, scope and care. My personality type, as indicated by 16 Personalities is ESTJ -- "The Executive" personality. According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ESTJ stands for Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking and Judgment. In other words, my personality is such that I am an extravert (I am outgoing and expressive), I am able to sense what is going on around me, I am…

Future Educators Script Chris Is a 22-Year-Old College
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Future Educators/Script

Chris is a 22-year-old college senior who has always been passionate about history; she plans to be a middle school social studies teacher. Kelly, in her early 50s, worked as an account executive for an advertising agency. When her youngest child finished college, she enrolled in an intensive program to obtain her teaching certificate. She plans to be a high school math teacher.

Chris: I'm not sure what the future will bring for American K-12 education. I just know that I want to be part of it. I always loved social studies when I was in school I had wonderful teachers who really knew how to make the subject come alive. I want to bring that same enthusiasm to my classroom.

Kelly: I understand exactly. I majored in math but wasn't committed at that time to teaching. People discouraged me. They said that because I was so smart,…

Tortilla Curtain by T Coraghessan Boyle T C Boyle's
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Tortilla Curtain by T.Coraghessan oyle

T.C. oyle's "The Tortilla Curtain" is an engaging novel on the struggles of two couples as they try to achieve the American Dream; one already handed the chance on a silver platter, and the other daring the impossible by crossing illegally into America.

While oyle shows off the endless possibilities of the cliched American Dream, his novel impresses on his readers only the futility of attempting to live it, rather than the success that countless of immigrants and Americans have found while fulfilling their dreams and destinies.

Within "The Tortilla Curtain" there are various issues intertwining as the characters lives do. Delaney and Candido find themselves brought together by an accident, yet their lives are the extreme opposite. There is an underlying current of envy and distaste between the two. "Wealthy white people like Delaney get ahead by working and living with a go-go-go drive…


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Race Gender Since My Birth in
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The system creates and engenders inequity by denying women of color entry.

Even though I have lived in many different states and communities, race and sex continue to be visible barriers to success. My most recent setback proves that women of color are viewed as threats and may be silenced when they speak out and appear strong. I recently found work as a bookkeeper. Although not my dream job, I worked hard and gave it my all. In my spare time I cultivated a strong desire to become an entrepreneur and help people like me achieve success in a supportive environment. My performance on the job remained stellar, but when my employers discovered my budding business they let me go. Lacking the means to pursue a lawsuit, I poured my efforts into my home-based business and now I help other Latinos within the local community to prepare their tax documents…

psychotherapy using IPT and ACT
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Jen is a 19-year-old female of mixed ethnic background. When asked what her therapeutic goals are, Jen states that she wants to "get over" the physical abuse she was subjected to her from her mother's ex-husband (her stepfather). In the third therapy session with Jen, she abruptly claims that she may not be continuing with therapy because she is just "therapist shopping."

Also in this session, Jen mentioned for the first time that she works as an exotic dancer. She asks with a belligerent tone, "You don't have a problem with that, do you?" Even though there was no response, Jen quickly defends herself, saying, "I love my work. I make so much money. There is nothing else I can do to make this much money. All my friends work harder than I do but they make less than me! I mean, I not only pull in what I make…

Information Technology IT and Society
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Blogs and social networking have altered our daily usage of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Of that, we can be certain. But how exactly has this change evolved, and what specific effects is it having on Internet and Web usage patterns around the world? This paper addresses the history of blogs and social media, and shows their state of development now. This brief introduction will segue into a discussion of the various personal and professional applications for both blogging and social media. Additionally, sections on political applications and implications will round out the discussion on how social media and blogging have changed the ways people communicate and receive information. Finally, it would be remiss to ignore the confluence of hardware, software, coding, applications, and protocols that have led to revolutions in the ways people use their digital devices. Tablets and smartphones are the physical manifestations of the changes…


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Peaceful Warrior the Book Way
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Of course my parents beamed, and my teacher even more so.

The application of the psychosocial theory in my case is the fact that an aspect of myself that I was not aware of was allowed to emerge first by my interaction with my teacher and then by my interaction with the rest of the participants in the extra program. I never knew that I could be good at mathematics until I made the effort required by my teacher. In this way, she had a profound effect on my life as a whole, and not only on my Mathematics grade. Indeed, she made me aware that I am able to do whatever I want to and even those things I believe are beyond my reach. Because of her, I no longer need to doubt my ability to do everything I want to, and to do it well.

Meditation also plays…


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Los Angeles Literature Working in
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Like Monte in Rodriguez's Pigeons, Lucia recognizes that immigrant Mexican men feel like failures is they cannot take care of their families once they arrive in America. The author uses this described tension related to income and support to show Lucia's need to be independent and depend on no man.

In these seven passages, I found it interesting that each character maintained personality while focusing on a similar goal. Each of the authors used occupation, unemployment, expectations, or responsibility as a literary vehicle and it was fascinating to see how each story incorporated these conflicts. I enjoyed looking closely at this theme since so many characters seem to become real people when you see them committing to the real life struggle and responsibility of their work or occupation. I found that outlining characters this way connected characters that had few other similar attributes and gave a varied but intimate view…

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A Company I Want to Work for
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Apple Inc.

The organization that I would like to join is Apple Inc. Apple represents one of the world's preeminent technology designers, manufactures and software developers and the organization is known for producing premium products that are uniquely designed with a quality niche and this strategy has garnered a loyal customer base. The company began to expand quickly after Steve Jobs envisioned a strategy known as the "digital hub." This organizational objective moved Apple's focus away from just the personal computer platform and began to include various peripheral devices as well such as mp3 players, phones, tablets, and even now watches. Personally, I admire Apple's products and their corporate culture and have selected this as an organization that I would like to join.

Company Overview

Apple operates in an industry that can be defined by fierce competition in the consumer electronics products categories in which it markets Apple's product mix.…


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SOP During My Senior Year in High
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During my senior year in high school, we were asked to write an essay describing our dream job. It was for an English creative writing class, but for me, it was much more than a way to practice eliminating misplaced modifiers. I believe in the powers of visualization and planning, and here was my opportunity to envision working for CISCO. Every successful person I know had a plan. My uncle is one of them. He had a vision of success that oozed from every pore of his being, and his passion rubbed off on me when he came to visit. My uncle went on to own his own restaurant: something he'd dreamed about for longer than I even knew. Before he opened the restaurant, he developed a comprehensive business plan that covered every single expense and contingency he might encounter. The writing assignment for my English class demanded no…


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Handling Critical Incidents in the Classroom
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Compare and contrast prior impressions of teaching with the reality of your experiences in the classroom.

The moment teachers fresh out of college to get into the class environment, what they might have expected and what they encounter in the class can often be different (Melnick & Meister, 2008). The education profession is often a more complex profession than what many anticipate. Individuals who choose teaching as a profession should review why they did so in the first place if they are to overcome what awaits them. When new teachers enter the classroom, they are usually shocked by the challenges that come with being a teacher in the real world. At times, the reality is much more different than what the teacher anticipated. Beginning teachers often describe their first year in the classroom as a year of survival. Different studies have also backed this argument, labeling the first year…


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