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Leisure Essays (Examples)

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Home Aid
Words: 805 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 8616736
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Leisure World Business Plan

Startup living-assistance firm Leisure World is seeking to enter into the long-term care market as a provider of in-home caregivers. The company will seek to market itself as an alternative to the nursing home, and will use daytime television advertising as its primary mode to reaching a target of families with aging loved ones. Expenses for the organization will include insurance and certification costs, material resources, labor and advertising. Management will proceed from a top-down approach.

Description of the business

Leisure World is an alternative to nursing and long-term care facilities. For many families, the decision to find assistance for care with aging loves ones can be an extremely difficult one, both financially and emotionally. Relegating a family member to a nursing home can be both heartbreaking for the family and psychologically devastating to a loved one who must now endure the end stages of life…

Bird Watching
Words: 662 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45532296
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Activity: Bird watching

Description: Bird watching entails spending time outside, either alone or in a group, with the express purpose of observing local avian life and behavior. The purpose of bird watching activities can be documentary in its approach, as in the cataloging of which birds were seen in a list. Alternatively, bird watching can consist of passive recreational activity in which simple observation and admiration of bird species is the goal. Some bird watching will entail the use of camera equipment. Because I am also a hobby/enthusiast photographer, I took my camera along every bird watching activity and therefore combined two of my favorite leisure activities into one. Additionally, bird watching will usually involve the use of binoculars. While some birds do not mind being close to people, most will fly away. Binoculars can also allow for the observation of raptors and birds of prey when they are…

Babyboomer Proposal Over the Next
Words: 2896 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1535448
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It also assists these individuals to better understand themselves and nature and improves their understanding of their place in the world around them and their senses. For people who pursue some of the more challenging outdoor recreation activities, they have many opportunities for development of self-image and self-confidence, cooperation and trust, and physical fitness. These benefits frequently are only gained through sporting and other leisure time activities in a natural environment.

Up until now, however, the emphasis has not been on recreational facilities for this older population. In a study conducted for the YMCA (Blanding, 1994) as part of the Comprehensive Leisure and Aging Study of the University of Northern Colorado and National etired Persons Association, directors of senior centers and programs were asked to say whether or not they provided any of a select group of outdoor recreation activities. As noted by the following chart, very few senior centers…


Adtkins, D. (1994) the Leisure of the Aging: We've Only Just Begun

Illinois Parks & Recreation. Retrieved February 22, 2008 

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Cauchon, D. (May 21, 2007) Generation Gap? About $200,000, USA Today, May 21, 2007, p. 1A..

Recreational Activity Popular it Must Transcend Distinctions
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 840662
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recreational activity popular, it must transcend distinctions of wealth and class. As Charles Cotton's The Compleat Gamester states "games and sports of all kinds were common recreations for the people of Tudor and Stuart England." Peter Burke defines culture as a system of shared meanings, attitudes and values, and the symbolic forms in which they are expressed or embodied[1]; by popular culture it is possible Burke's definition refers to the culture of the ordinary people or the "subordinate classes" -- those below the level of the elite. However, this paper views social history by looking at the commonality of leisure, recreation, games and sports of all kinds as the basis to determine whether there was a popular culture in early modern England. For example, cards, archery and tennis included all classes (the lower and upper) and encompassed those who devoted time to leisurely activities as well as those who spend…

Fighting Overwork and Time Poverty
Words: 1051 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6267004
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Surely, many are afraid of their jobs, but others simply endure the process. One hundred years ago, working conditions were appalling and workers formed unions to air their grievances and build new labor laws that treated workers fairly. Today, workers simply accept their fate instead of fighting for reform. It makes the reader wonder what the difference is, and why today's workers are "content" with the system.

All of this work and stress directly relates to American issues in recreation and leisure. Americans are taking fewer vacations. Movie theater attendance is down; more people are watching films in the comfort of their own homes. Fast food is what is on much of the nation's dinner plate, and busy families rush from school to athletic practice to bed just about every day of the week. Where is the fun in recreation and leisure when it becomes a "job" too? Americans are…


De Graaf, J. (ed.). (2003). Take back your time: Fighting overwork and time poverty in America. San Francisco. Berrett- Koehler Publishers.

Current Organizational Problem
Words: 3723 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 29531905
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Work-Life Balance

Does Leisure Time Affect Work Performance?

Employees are the most valuable asset that any organization has in their possession. Many times it is difficult for employees to balance their obligations of work, yet still maintain a fulfilling life outside of the workplace. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy work and home life balance. This research measures the ability to detach from work to get quality leisure time and its impact on employees. The results found that at this organization workers did not have the ability to recover during leisure time. Suggestions were made for improving the situation at the healthcare facility.

Does Leisure Time Affect Work Performance?


Employees are the most valuable asset that any organization has in their possession. Many times it is difficult for employees to balance their obligations of work, yet still maintain a fulfilling life outside of the…


Berg, J. & Grant, A. (2010). When Callings Are Calling: Crafting Work and Leisure in Pursuit of Unanswered Occupational Callings. Organization Science. 21 (5), 573-994.

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Conspicuous Consumption Design and Purpose
Words: 2507 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74917050
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The notable exception to this layout of the various departments of the casino at The Venetian is again its Sports-ook, which is entirely rounded into a half-circle and therefore gives an air of having consumed far more resources than a rectangular shaped Sports-ook would. It is easy to craft a desk that is straight, to cut the wood in a way that makes it have strong borders and edges; for that reason most desks that you see are straight. To cut the wood so as to make it rounded is far more difficult, and someone looking at such a curved piece of wood would have to assume high expense involved in procuring and designing wood in such a fashion.

In the center of the floor of the Venetian (and not all casinos are like this) are the slot machines, conspicuous examples of mass expenditure, ringing and glittering and flashing lights.…


1. Thorstein Veblen, The Theory of the Leisure Class, taken from Michael Lewis (ed.), The Real Price of Everything (Sterling, 2007), 1048-1227.

2. Edward Gibbon, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, taken from Great Books of the Western World, Volume 40 (Britannica, 1952)

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4. Jared Diamond, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or to Succeed (The Penguin Press, 2005)

Genting Group International Expansion Approach and Strategy
Words: 912 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50514554
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Genting Group International Expansion Approach and Strategy

In the recent past, Genting Malaysia Berhad seems to have embarked on an ambitious expansion strategy that has seen it set up operations in the UK, New York and Miami. The group's expansion into the UK was marked by its October 2010 acquisition of the United Kingdom gaming operations of Genting Singapore Plc. This gave rise to Genting UK which happens to be the largest casino operator in the United Kingdom. To further enhance its presence in the region, Genting entered into a strategic partnership last year with the NEC Group. The chief purpose of this alliance was to set up a mixed-use installation in Birmingham. Yet another crucial addition to Genting Malaysia Berhad's gaming empire in the U.K was Genting Club Riverlights. Opened last year in November and seen as a move by the group to consolidate its provincial presence, the club…

Social and Cultural Impacts of Establishing an
Words: 2030 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23476641
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socal and cultural mpacts of establshng an eco-Toursm enterprse n Joao Pessoa, Brazl. The man focus of the dssertaton s on the followng areas:

An analyss of eco-toursm development

An assessment of the opportuntes - regonal, domestc, nternatonal

An evaluaton of the projects feasblty

An examnaton of the socal-cultural mpact of the eco-toursm

Brazl has a sanctuary of the fnest natural resources ("fauna & flora") n the world, and therefore toursm s n ascendence, and demands for md-class hotels are on the ncrease. The development of eco-toursm n specfc areas s antcpated due to partnershp wth local bankng ntutons; local government nterest and regulatons; and a general growth of awareness of the tenson between the tourst dollar, the envronment and local cultures.

Research Methods

Prmary research (ntervews and questonnares) wll be conducted to analyze the feasblty of the project. Secondary research wll be carred out, n the form of a…

i) Adventurers set out to discover other lands (e.g., Captain Cook) ii) People traveled for scientific research (e.g., Darwin) iii) People traveled for business (trade) iv) People traveled in order to visit friends and family (social), v) People traveled for leisure (relaxation) vi) People travel as Eco-Travelers (learners).

The development of tourism has influenced people and society, and has created thousands of organizations, at many levels: national and international, governmental or non- governmental. Tourism has thus led to the creation of million of jobs worldwide, in what is today is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Tourism has led people to confront different attitudes and to admire eclectic cultures. In addition, to be able to understand these cultures, society at large has had to adapt to the pluralism of cultures by learning languages other than their own, different types of gastronomy and music, and also by adopting a greater tolerance of different religions.

Accordingly to Kaluf (2001), the development of tourism has been worldwide, and has been sustaining a growth of 20% over last five years: 5% in mass tourism and an incredible 15% in

Fighting Overwork and Time Poverty
Words: 1069 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63407057
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Instead, they only see the material things that they feel that they need. They are trained by society to want these materials objects, and they generally do not even understand why they feel this way. They only know that this is the way things are 'supposed to be.' While others who are not as materialistic try to tell them differently, and live with fewer possessions and more time, those who are working to make money to buy things continue in their vicious circle. It perpetuates itself by being passed on to their children, who also see only the material benefits of making a lot of money so that they can have the best homes, the most expensive cars, and all of the latest technological gadgetry that money can buy.

For many of these people, they do not realize until it is too late that there is much more to life…

Bibliography de Graff, John. (2003). Take Back Your Time: Fighting Overwork and Time Poverty in America. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Strategic Choice and Evaluation
Words: 1586 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42445216
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Business Studies

ecommendation of a Growth Strategy for MGM esorts International

MGM esorts International is a major leisure and gaming organization. The company is undertaking a great strategy as seen with the organic growth which is taking place through the development of new resorts, including the current development of MGM Coati, which is scheduled to open in 2016, as well as the proposed development in Ontario, to be undertaken in partnership with Fairview Cadillac (MGM, 2013). Other plans for further development are also being considered. However, if an organization wishes to undertake an aggressive growth strategy, it is necessary to consider the different potential strategies which may be utilized. The aim of this paper is to consider the way in which MGM results International may undertake a growth strategy, considering the different options which are available.

Ansoff defined four potential methods of growth based on two dimensions; products and markets,…


12, (2013), Product/Market Grid (Ansoff), retrieved 

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MGM Resorts International, (2013), 2012 Annual Report, accessed at  / on 1st Dec 2013

Eden Project Is One of
Words: 5745 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13509169
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As one would expect, those with children and teens tended to increase visits in the summer. While the older demographic groups dominated during the winter months. Seasonal fluctuations in Cornwall follow typical patterns found in non-tropical regions. The tourism trade in Cornwall depends on the influx of seasonal visitors during the warm summer months.

According to statistics from the Cornwall Tourism Board (2007), the largest percentage of visitors were from Devon. This is more than likely due to proximity more than any other factor. Other visitors can be broken down into the following general locations.


Percentage of Total Visitors to Cornwall





West Midlands





Source: Cornwall Tourism Board, 2007

It might be noted that Cornish residents were excluded from the survey. Therefore, these percentages only represent non-local tourism. One might notice that overseas tourism has a greater impact in numbers of tourism…


Cornwall County Council. 2006. County Supports Future Development of Eden Project. Available at 

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Cornwall Tourist Board. 2007. Occupancy Rates in Cornwall 1993-2006 - Serviced Sector. Available at

Sociology and Anthropology in Tourism
Words: 2357 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68540323
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symbolizes the sum total of qualitative and quantitative values on which the degree and extent of exploitability of the region for the purpose of tourism depends. It Is difficult to explain the 'potential' in numerical terms as it involves many factors in the context of tourism.

Tourism deals with the physical, psychological and sometimes even spiritual demands of the people from diverse geographical, socio-cultural and economic background that travel under different motives, interests, preferences and immediate needs. In other words, tourism development in any area depends on availability of recreational resources, in addition to factors like climate, seasons, accessibility, attitude of the local people, planning and 'tourist plant' facility. All this put together creates a 'tourism magnetic atmosphere', which is resource base for the tourism

Factors influencing tourism and assist in exploiting the complete potential of an area, therefore vary from socio-economic to political and evolution of demand. These factors…


Brown, F. (1998) 'Tourism: Blight or Blessing?' Butterworth Heinemann: UK, HB, ISBN 075063989X.

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Reasonable Adjustment in Any Business
Words: 671 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15037988
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The location of the entrance is therefore unacceptable.

Even more unacceptable are the conditions at this entrance. It is unpleasant, unhygienic and dangerous. Physically disabled people are in even greater danger in terms of crime and other social hazards that may befall them in the unpleasant alley where the entrance is. Such a location is often home not only to odors and illness, but also to unsavory social elements. Instead, the hotel should ensure the safety of all their guests in an equal and honorable fashion. The front entrance should therefore be adjusted to accommodate wheelchairs, so that disabled persons can enjoy the same safety and hygiene as other hotel guests.

4. The service at the garden center is as inadequate as that of the hotel. Disabled persons are deliberately segregated from the rest of the clientele. They are at a considerable disadvantage, especially during busy periods. Instead, the garden…

Manage Organizational Change
Words: 1634 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 13826161
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Managing Organizational Change

Queensland Leisure Goods (QLG)

This is a family owned business that has thrived on the quality that they provide, the bond with the employees and the reliable culture that they have developed with the suppliers over a long period of time. There are, however some factors that have come in place hence influencing the need for change in the mode of operations within the business and these will form the basis of this paper as depicted in the case study.

SWOT and PEST analysis

The SWOT analysis will help understand better the internal factors affecting the business and the PEST analysis highlights the external factors that shape the direction of the business.


Strengths- QLG has the advantage of many years of experience in the industry, the good name of being a producer of quality goods as well as having a good rapport with the employees so…


Kotter International (2012). The 8-Step Process for Leading Change. Retrieved February 6, 2014 from 

Miranda B., (2013). What Causes Resistance to Change within an Organization. Retrieved February 6, 2014 from

Individual Decisions for How Much
Words: 504 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 56408789
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Other things need to be taken into consideration as factors impacting the work vs. leisure decision. The wage rate should, to some degree, be directly proportional with the quantity of work provided. In this sense, if the wage rates increased, then the quantity of work provided should increase as well, in an attempt to maximize revenues. However, this is only true to some degree: at some level of the wage rate increase, the work provided will start to decrease, mainly because of a psychological effect this has on the individual. At the same time, an increase in income levels should increase the time provided for leisure, because some of the increased income can be used in leisure activities that would include additional spending.

In order to maximize the work supply of an individual, companies and organizations need to be able to identify the right incentive by which this can be…

Technology Has Evolved a Great Deal Thus
Words: 1426 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79494376
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technology has evolved a great deal, thus resulting in an increase in media freedom and globalization. Moreover, human life in the post information technology has become much faster paced than ever before. Ever since the human civilizations had established, man is looking for ways to relax oneself physically and mentally. Over a period of time the market for leisure and tourism had gain much strength due to increasing demand of travel and tourism. The primary reason for this increasing trend of travelling, both international and domestic, originates to the increase in globalization. People are now becoming more and more interested in exploring new places. For this reason the market for services pertaining to travel and tourism has become extremely competitive. The tourism market covers an extensive array of services including restaurants and eateries, tour guides, theme parks, shopping malls and museums.

esearches have shown an interesting trend that while some…


Hall, C.M., & Page, S.J. (2002). The Geography of Tourism and Recreation: Environment,

Place, and Space. London: Routledge.

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and Practices. Oxford, England: Butterworth-Heinemann. Retrieved November2,

Shopping as Entertainment When the Bluewater Shopping
Words: 1974 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23860003
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Shopping as Entertainment

hen the Bluewater shopping center in Kent advertises itself as 'the most innovative and exciting shopping and leisure destination in Europe today' (Bluewater website) it is reflecting a widespread and highly significant trend. For many contemporary large-scale shopping centers, leisure and entertainment are as important as, and are thoroughly integrated with, their retail activities. The combining of shopping with entertainment has been recognized in the cumbersome term 'shoppertainment' (Lamancusa). Thus the MetroCentre in Gateshead invites its visitors to 'Uncover the world of shoppertainment at the Centre' (MetroCentre website); Sawgrass Mills Mall at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, boasts that it 'features almost 2 miles of "Shoppertainment" (SawgrassMills web site); the Madrid Xanadu center is promoted by its U.S. owners with the slogan 'Shoppertainment heads to Europe' (Madrid Xanadu web site). Indeed, the Mills Corporation, the American developer behind Sawgrass Mills, Madrid Xanadu and many other such enterprises, registered the…

Works Cited

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Tourism What Are the Many
Words: 3877 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 88980094
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The 2007 BCB survey averaged out to 7.5 out of a possible 10 "with regard to the perception of the services it offers." In the section dedicated to Barcelona's "worldwide image" the 2007 survey reached 8 out of ten from those visitors participating in the survey.

Spain isn't the only attractive meetings tourism destination by any means. There are countries all over the world seeking to attract business travelers that are part of conventions, conferences, seminars and other business-related gatherings. China is also an appealing destination for meetings tourism. The Jiangsu Tourism Company spells out some "useful tips for Meeting Planning in China" (

The old Japanese saying, "The protruding nail gets hammered down" is linked by the travel service to the possibility that some business travelers that are part of a meetings tourism group may commit a "major faux pas" during the business sessions. Hence, the ebsite explains, one…

Works Cited "What is Adventure Travel." Retrieved Nov. 16, 2010, from . (2010).

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Government News. Retrieved Nov. 16, 2010, from GaleGroup.

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Luxury Hotels Embracing Executive Lounges
Words: 11230 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 60104422
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executive lounges of luxury hotel in London

Promotion of Executive Lounge

Overview of the UK hotel industry

Executive lounge market research and trends

Advantages and disadvantages from the hotel perspective

Tourism data


Methodology and previous research

Research strategy and tools

Sample selection

Reliability and validity

Executive lounges are sections set aside by hotels to cater for guest or customers who are would not mind paying more in order to receive a premium or preferential services (Nguyen, 2015). Just as in the airline industry, the hotel industry has recognized the need to have special services for clients who have huge demands, especially business travelers. The major benefits of executive lounges are the services or amenities offered. Most executive lounges allow guest to have an early check-in and late checkout, business center, allowing guest to take a shower before their rooms are available, private meeting areas, and free meals. The…


AB HAMID, N.R. & AKHIR, R.M. 2013. Beyond technology-based customer relationship management: It is total customer experience management. Research in Business and Economics Journal, 8, 1.

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Management the Objective of This Work in
Words: 2194 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58923702
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The objective of this work in writing is to conduct a critical assessment of the negative and positive impacts of cultural events or festivals upon the host community and destination. This work will be specific to the United Kingdom.

There is an increase in the growth of popularity of culturally-based events and festivals and because of this, these types of festivals and events are becoming more commonplace. Included in these events are "a diverse range of themes from the specific, food and wine, through to multi-faceted celebrations, such as multicultural festivals. Characteristically, they originate within the community in response to a need or desire to celebrate their unique identity." (Small, Edwards and Sheridan, 2005, p.86) The work of The 2nd DeHaan Tourism Management Conference: Nottingham: December 16th, 2003 entitled "The Impact of Festivals on Cultural Tourism" defines cultural tourism as "Travel directed toward experiencing the arts, heritage, and special…


Chalip, L. And Leyns, A., 2002. Local business leveraging of a sport event: Event Management, 6, 155-165. Managing an event for economic benefit. Journal of Sport Management, 16, 132-158.

Fredline, E. & Faulkner, B. (2002a). Residents' reactions to the staging of a major motorsports event within their communities: a cluster analysis. Event Management, 7(2), 103-114.

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Fredline, E., & Faulkner, B. (2000). Host community reactions: a cluster analysis. Annals of Tourism Research, 27(3), 763-784.

Hotel Lodging Operations Analysis of
Words: 3690 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17478181
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The section will provide non-alcoholic drinks and an environment where Christians can feel like they are in "paradise." This will as a result ensure that the hotel enlarges its target group. By including this, Paradise Hotel will be a suitable destination for all including domestic tourists who will get an opportunity to enjoy their local delicacies as well as a taste of international delicacies.

The hotel will feature fully renovated and modernized guestrooms with an extra intimate hot tub and relaxation space. The new look hotel will include an elegant late-night poolside lounge which will comprise of sun-loungers, day beds and decks. The main idea behind the renovations of the pool is to transform outdoor spaces into outdoor living rooms that offer flexible dining, drinking, events and relaxing spaces. The intimate spa will have floor cushions and new striking lights. ith these renovations in place, the hotel will therefore provide…

Works Cited:

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Effects of the Internet Computers on Life
Words: 1731 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19479505
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Internet on Life

hy the Internet is the Most Useful Invention of our Generation

The Internet is the most useful invention of our generation. The accumulated effects of the Internet include significant contributions in the areas of education, the creation of jobs and furthering of professions, and an exponential increase in the amount and variety of entertainment for leisure time. It is the intent of this paper to evaluate the pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages of the Internet in the areas of education, professional and leisure activities.

Advantages of the Internet in Education

There are a myriad of contributions the Internet has made to education, in addition to the many innovations occurring today in the context of individualized instruction. The development of e-learning management systems for example, which can unify an entire semesters' worth of work together into a sequential, well-defined series of steps, has shown significant potential…

Works Cited

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SPORT2SPORT Agnecy Analysis Sport 2
Words: 5224 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 83294370
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This aspect is greatly leveraged upon by Sport2Sport as different target populations share their experiences on company's Facebook page. There is also an aspect of quick customer response having the potential of going viral over the internet. This makes companies such as Sport2Sport to focus on customer satisfaction and prompt response. Although it may seem untraditional not to focus on traditional advertising and marketing mediums, the paradigm shift in approach to marketing and advertisement has led this agency to effectively spend their marketing budget on online campaigns and maintenance of web-presence.

IV- Organizational structure

Better Business Bureau (BBB) has reported that Sport2Sport is a limited liability company (LLC) with its current rating at A-. The highest possible rating that an agency can get with BBB is A+ (BBB Business eview, 2013). The length of time that the firm is in business is the only potentially negative factor reported by the…


Annual Report. (2013). Sport2Sport Limited Liability Company Annual Report. DEPARTMNET of the SECRETARY of STATE, North Carolina NC. Retrieved from: [ ]

BBB Business Review. (2013). Better Business Bureau: Business Review Sport2Sport LLC. Retrieved from: [ ]

CNN Money. (2012). Best Places to Live. Retrieved from: ( n.d). Sport2Sport. Retrieved from: [ ]

Good Life and What it
Words: 1215 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39645231
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" Having in mind the relation between work and amusement, it is safe to say that by finding amusement in consumption implies creating a bigger need to work (otherwise one would not have the necessary financial resources). Working exclusively for money for a long time has a negative impact on people who come to be less and less motivated. The author underlines the fact that the reasons for which we work are more important than the actual work we do. For example, working in order to have enough money to pay for a superior education is definitely more rewarding than working in order to be able to buy Cd players and clothes. Work plays a determinant role in shaping our lives and impacts our happiness in a fundamental manner. Therefore, if we work just to be able to spend more, it is easy to understand that this type of long-term…


Ciulla, J.B. Leisure and consumption

Solomon, R.C. Strategic Planning- For the good life

Backpacking Is Often Regarded as an Activity
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Backpacking is often regarded as an activity, which is undertaken only by those people who have a deep love for the outdoors, adventure, or for roughing it out. However, while it is true that backpacking is not for the fainthearted, it is an activity that perhaps everyone should try at least once in his or her lifetime. For, backpacking can prove to be an enormously rewarding experience. It is the objective of this paper to describe the benefits of backpacking as well as explore some of its more practical aspects.

The term "backpacking" means literally that, as in "carrying something in a pack on the back." However, in point of fact, the word "backpacking" has grown to connote much more than the simple act of carrying a pack on the back. Indeed, today, backpacking virtually signifies a subculture in the world of travel and tourism: "Backpacking is traveling long distances…

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Beat Movement of the 1950's and the Roots of a New Counter Culture
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Blindness Aspergers

Equivalence, availability, and participation are taken for granted by people without special needs. People with special needs understand that working methods and utility help create vibrant participation in community life. Visual impairments and blindness create the need to interact with the world in completely different ways from sighted people. Likewise, a person with a developmental disorder like Asperger's also requires nuanced methods of interacting. These two conditions are prime examples of how environments and people can be adapted to suit all residents of a community, in order to foster social justice and equality.

Blindness can be congenital, meaning the individual has been blind since birth. Others lose their sight over time or suddenly as the result of an injury, illness, accident, or disease. Either way, visual impairment impacts the ability of the person to accommodate daily reality. A person who has been blind since birth has learned how…


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Heathers and a Philosophy of Conspicuous Consumption
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Heathers and a philosophy of conspicuous consumption 'I am what I buy.' This notion is at the heart of what Theodore Veblen called 'conspicuous consumption.' In a modern, capitalistic society people define themselves by what they buy and their possessions. Particularly in America, where social hierarchies are seen as fluid, one's ability to earn money is seen as a marker of moral worth and success. The ability to be part of the leisure class and to emphasize social distinctions on a hierarchy through obvious displays of wealth is an important part of American culture, although we supposedly live in a democracy and a meritocracy.

However, the false nature of this notion is evident when looking at the movie Heathers, which dramatizes how a high level of income, even amongst persons who have not earned their wealth, still results in high social status. In the film, three beautiful girls, all named…

Representation of Death and the Impermanence in
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representation of Death and the impermanence in the short story "A Father's Story" by Andre Dubus, and the poem "Because I could not stop for Death" by Emily Dickinson. These two works were chosen because both speak of Death and impermanence, yet these authors employ different literary forms, characters, settings and plots. "A Father's Story" follows the format of a short story, being prose written in concise paragraphs with a main point or moral and portraying its characters by the way they speak. "Because I could not stop for Death" follows the form of poetry, being structured in shifted lines and using language to evoke imagination or emotion in the reader. In addition, the two writers substantively approach Death very differently. Comparison of these distinct forms shows how writers can make very different styles and statements about Death and impermanence through different devices, including but not limited to the short…

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Colonial Conflict in Africa
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Colonial Authorities in Africa and Their Attempts to Curb Leisure Activities through the Law: The Conflict between African Identity and British Rule

The British colonial administrators in Africa viewed Africans like “children” in need of training in terms of how to be more masculine ala the Western tradition: for that reason, Oliver Bell, president of the British Film Institute, wrote “the native must be treated as we treat a ten-year-old white child, i.e….he must be shown films of action of the Western type” (Burns, 2002, p. 103). While it was true that Africans enjoyed cowboy films, in the years that followed Bell’s recommendation, there occurred among the settlers the sense that cowboy films were inspiring a violent attitude among the Africans and should therefore be banned. This attempt on the one hand to cultivate a Western ethic in the African and on the other to curtail aggressive or perceived hostile…

Consumption and Mass Media
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Consumption and Mass Media

What is conspicuous consumption? How does conspicuous consumption influence purchasing decisions? Think about a high-priced item (Rolex) that you would like to buy. To what extent could conspicuous consumption affect your decision?

Conspicuous consumption is consumption for the sake of impressing observers. Most consumers buy Rolex watches not because of Rolex's quality, but because the brand signifies that the purchaser is wealthy enough to afford a Rolex. Although an extremely cheap watch and an expensive watch may vary in terms of their quality, the expense of a Rolex cannot be justified by quality alone. Someone who wishes to signify his social class and economic status to friends and associates 'in the know' buys a Rolex; without these signifiers the Rolex means nothing.

Q2. What is conspicuous leisure? In what ways are leisure activities informed by social and economic class? Provide an example of a popular leisure…

Recreation for Children and Youth
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..Medical research also proves that recreation and physical, activity can enhance the learning process.... Furthermore recreational activities are recognized as ways of developing a childs social, decision-making, and problem solving skills.

Effects Of Parks And Recreation Services On Human Development And Other enefits) related factor is that leadership qualities are positively influenced by recreational activities and sports. Participating in sport allows the child to develop and learn leadership abilities in a relaxed and informal way. Psychologists point out that play and recreation are the very foundations of a child's natural development. However this aspect is also dependent on the factors such as the organization of leisure time and the facilities and equipment that are available. In this regard the planning of recreation areas is an extremely important aspect.

Recreational faculties have to be carefully planned with regards to their situation and to ensure that they are accessible to children. If…


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Consumption Conspicuous Consumption Is Unapologetic Unrestrained and
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Conspicuous consumption is unapologetic, unrestrained, and unabashed consumerism: buying things for the sake of buying them without actually needing them. It is conspicuous because of the social status one perceives when buying certain products. Conspicuous consumption as a social norm fuels marketing, and influences purchasing decisions. A brand name item costs ten times more than a generic, but the logo has status and the consumer is willing to pay more for it.

Conspicuous leisure is also used to convey social class status. It shows that the person has so much money, that they can afford to waste their time instead of working. Types of conspicuous leisure range from lounging in the sun, to riding a $10,000 mountain bike all day, to idly sitting in a cafe. Participants of conspicuous leisure vary considerably in terms of demographic markers, and in fact, some are not even wealthy.

Globalization originally entailed the…


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Tourism Demand
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Tourism Demand esearch & Analysis

International Tourism Demand Estimation

Demand Theory


Tourism Attraction Sales


Tourism Attraction Sales

Tourism & Employment


Tourism Demand

Tourism may be defined as, "The sum of the phenomena and relationships arising from the interaction of tourists, business suppliers, host governments and host communities in the process of attracting and hosting these tourists and other visitors," (McIntosh and Goeldner, 1990, p. 4).

From the above definition, it can be seen that the development of tourism in any area involves multiple players. In addition, tourism is made of up numerous activities, services, and industries that contribute to the tourists' experience. These include the provision of transportation and accommodation; eating and drinking establishments; entertainment facilities; and shops, among others (McIntosh and Goeldner, 1990). Edgell (1990, p. 12) adds that,

"The full scope of international travel and tourism, therefore, encompasses the output of segments of many industries.…


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Popular Entertainment Venues Family Obligations Are Often
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Popular Entertainment Venues

Family obligations are often at the heart of individual drive and guilt. They can drive a person to succeed and they can drive a person to do things that go against their very nature. In the film Alice Adams, the play Buried Child and the television series Everybody Loves Raymond the concepts of family obligation are the underlying motive to plot and action. The thing that is the same about these three programs on the thought of family obligation is that all of the characters do things for each other in the name of family obligation that they really don't believe to be the best thing for the individual they are trying to help.

In Alice Adams, Alice's not so glamorous family must make attempts to put on a show for her when she tries to improve her social status, not because they think there is a…

Visitor Attractions One Definition of
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7% of respondents had previously taken a vacation with a volunteer or philanthropic component" (Ruiz 2007). People also go on vacation to experience what it is like to live and work on a farm, to be a meditating Buddhist monk or simply to engage in strenuous activities like riding horses on a ranch. For the visitor, because these unfamiliar activities are exotic, they are attractions, but for a resident they are merely work.

However, although 'voluntourism' has brought attention and revenue to many formerly hidden areas of the globe, there is also a great deal of criticism of this phenomenon. An individual's socioeconomic condition, the argument against voluntourism goes, should not be a tourist or visitor attraction. The idea of gawking at a poor area of the world, in return for a short period of 'feel good' volunteerism is deemed to be exploitative.

Regardless of one's feelings about 'voluntourism,' however,…

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E-Learning the Focus of This
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Specifically stated by Hasselbring and Glaser is that

"...two general types of communication disorders qualify a student for special education services: speech disorders and language disorders. A speech disorder occurs when the speaker's articulation, voice quality, or fluency patterns impair the listener's ability to understand the intent of the speaker. A language disorder occurs when either the sender or the receiver of the message is unable to use the sounds, signs, or rules of the communication language. The U.S. Department of Education data indicate that more than 20% of all students with disabilities have speech or language disorders. Consequently, technology addressing the needs of students with communication disorders could assist a significant proportion of students with disabilities to interact more normally within the classroom." (2000)

Communication technology advances have resulted in specialized devices being created and specifically "augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices" that enable individuals with no or poor…


Cilesiz, S.. (2009). Educational Computer Use in Leisure Contexts: A Phenomenological Study of Adolescents' Experiences at Internet Cafes. American Educational Research Journal, 46(1), 232-274. Retrieved November 6, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 1655851831).

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Ted S. Hasselbring, & Candyce H. Williams Glaser. (2000). Use of computer technology to help students with special needs. The Future of Children, 10(2), 102-122. Retrieved November 6, 2009, from ProQuest Psychology Journals. (Document ID: 71981284).

Silver Tourism and Its Future
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This will lead to a tremendous increase in the number of people belonging to this segment, which will require more attention from travel businesses.

egarding financial power, the mature segment has a very strong, healthy, and sustained position. Furthermore, the mature traveler group presents the highest net worth of all age groups. The stability of their income is also due to the fact that they do not have to support the cost of setting up a household or of raising children. In addition to this, this segment has the lowest consumer debt compared to all the other segments. The availability of their income goes hand in hand with the availability of their time, which allows them to have more leisure time that can be used for traveling than other segments of the travel market (TIA, 2000).

In the past 15 years, the mature segment of the travel market in the…

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Flow the Pleasure of Flow
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Reality can be transcended with the right mindset, even if the activity appears ordinary.

Achieving 'flow' may be especially important for children coming from difficult circumstances, which may need a safe space to forget about the adult demands in their lives, such as taking care of younger siblings. Students under a great deal of pressure to achieve can benefit from having a sense of 'pure' play -- unlike school activities, recreation is not supposed to have a 'point.' It is not designed to win a scholarship or to fulfill the demands of a class. For adults, unlike the confusion of competing pulls of work and school, the clear goals of sport or producing a craft within a fixed period of time can produce great inner clarity.

The psychological benefits of flow are so great, Csikszentmihaly states that they produce a powerful answer for parents that who might insist time is…

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Csikszentmihaly, Mihaly. (1991). Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.

New York: Harper Perennial.

Business A What Are the
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Constructive attitudes towards work, leisure, time and change, set apart organizational models of attainment and enthusiasm, individualism as well as realization of self, and being humanistic as well as helpful that result in constructive culture that urges communications with individuals and strategies to assignments which will allow the employees to fulfill satisfaction needs of a higher plane and would bring about changes. (Aarons; Sawitzky, 2006)

As opposed to this, defensive attitudes to work, leisure and time are typified by looking for support and unanimity, being traditional and compliant, and being reliable and submissive that result in defensive culture. Defensive cultures support or completely need communication with individuals in manners that will not endanger individual safety and will not lead to changes. (Aarons; Sawitzky, 2006) Further, family, social mobility and religion are especially more vibrant that show conventional model of ancestry following and notions of family structure, as also modifications ushered…


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Wealthy Roman a Villa a Retreat Stresses
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wealthy Roman, a villa a retreat stresses public life? I asked role villa life a wealthy Roman a definite conclusion. as a villa a retreat, a number roles. I appeal evidence drawn Roman literature, Horace Pliny, Younger.

The Roman Villa

Romans considered villas to be more than just locations where they could live on a daily basis, as these buildings served a series of other purposes. City life imposed a great deal of stress on the wealthy and intellectual members of the Roman community and thus they needed a place where they could escape colloquial duties. City streets were dirty, unwelcoming, and filmed with violence, as they practically contrasted villas and their surrounding environments. In order for a villa to satisfy its inhabitant to its maximum potential, it had to be in accordance with his personal desires, both inside and outside. Also, the scenery where the villa was located needed…

Works cited:

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Hotel Strategy the Impact and
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As tourism would surpass rice exports, in being the number one product or service that the nation provides. This has helped the industry to grow, with various tourists from around the globe going to these destinations and then talking about their trips when they return home. Over the course of time, this has caused many of these new travel destinations to increase dramatically in popularity. The information from this source is useful, because it highlights how globalization has been allowing more people, to be able to travel farther and to exotic places. As a result, this can be used to identify how the industry has changed and why a variety of hotels have taken more of an international focus. This helps to discover how globalization has changed the industry, as consumers are seeking out a more unique travel experience. In the case of the survey that is being conducted, this…


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Capital Budget in Recreation in
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To solve these emerging needs of the company to satisfy the demand in the market, it is necessary to invest into expanding of the services offered and shifting the existing concept of the club. Firstly, it is necessary to expand the space occupied by renting out additional premises and organizing Spa procedures there. This will require also investment into necessary human resources, such as hiring Spa administrative and consultants specialists offering services for both women and men, and for both facials and body treatment to maximize the services mix. Costs for occupying this space, purchasing necessary equipment and hiring adequate staff so can exceed the current costs by ?450,000, so this is the incremental expense from proceeding with this services expansion programs. Cost to organize the fitness and Spa cafe, which is proposed to call at EnerGi Box, will amount to another ?100,000 annually. The final improvement step is investment…


Brayley, R.E., McLean, D. (1999). Managing Financial Resources in Sport and Leisure Service Organizations, Sports Publishing.

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Alton Towers Is One of
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This analyst adds that Andy Davies of the Tussauds Group that operates Alton Towers reports that park visitors subscribing to the "Magic Moments" DVD "simply see it as a fun souvenir," and adds, "esearch shows that our visitors have a positive propensity to purchase these products, providing themselves with a personalized reminder of the day they and their friends and family had at Alton Towers. The system proposed will allow guests to relive their unique day time and time again through personalized digital video footage'" (quoted in Tucker at 10).

These types of innovative marketing initiatives are important for a theme park competing in the United Kingdom today because of the approaching saturation levels that appear to be developing in some regions of the country. For instance, besides the historic attractions that are ubiquitous throughout the United Kingdom, Alton Towers is also in competition with a number of other theme…


"About Us," 2010. Alton Towers Resort. Retrieved from .

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Deal." The Daily Mail: 73.

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Happy Yet The Happy Consumer
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To afford what is considered a normal, middle class lifestyle requires an individual to work twice as much as people did in 1948 (During 73). hile "some cynics" say that additional leisure time and a shorter work week or year would result in simply more time spent in front of the television, the authors raise the intriguing possibility that the reason Americans watch so much television is a lack of creative energy. Americans work more hours than their European counterparts, are twice as productive at the office or factory than their grandparents, yet have less leisure time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. True enjoyment of leisure demands meaningful use of time, rather than the wasted time that comes at the end of a hard day. Sports, poetry, religion, and time spent with family are more valuable than the items that can be bought with money. Perhaps the current…

Work Cited

During, Alan T. "Are we happy yet?" From EcoPsychology: Restoring the earth healing the mind. Edited by Lester R. Brown & James Hillman. Sierra Club Publications, 2002.