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Crime of Rape on Men

Despite the technological, moral and intellectual advancement of our society today, there are still those among us who condemn and abhor homosexuality and the people associated with it.The daily lives of many homosexual men are overshadowed by the fear of homophobic (an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people) hate crimes. It is a reality that their fear and risk of being abused or attacked is increasing day by day (Geen, 2010). These people are facing danger from the society in many forms, from daily nuisance to serious sexual and physical stabbings. There are many incidents of crimes against homosexual men due to homophobia of other members of our society. It has been reported that in February 2010, three men were confronted by a large mob in a shopping area near Kingston and were accused of being homosexual.The New York Times reported on Thursday, June 7, 2012 that apart from the whites, other men living in USA had experienced doubled police violence all over the country. (Morris, 2012). This problem of turning against such people can create glitches in our society because they might cross their limit offorbearance and would surely retaliate and createchaos, which would directly or indirectly victimize the locals including neighbors, coworkers, and relatives i.e. our society (Morris, 2012).


On October 15, 2011 it was reported that in Zimbabwe three women had been arrested for sexually assaulting male hitchhikers, after each of the seventeen victims positively identified the three women (Mavhunga, 2011). Male rape is now recognized as a criminal act. People in our society disagree that such cases can be classified as rape, because of the nature of the activity involved. It is argued that a man will ejaculate when he is inspired and wishes himself to do so, regardless of whether he is willing or not; and people think that there must be involvement of two people for rape to happen and taking the one's side thoughtlessly is not good. Nevertheless, women are still considered to be responsible for such crimes and this is evident from the fact that when a woman shows her insatiability for sexual intercourse, only then men are raped whereas medically, it is proven that men have higher desire for intercourse and men do not find it that easy to overcome such feelings. Somehow, in the gay community it is just opposite. About 10 to 20% of men report experiencing low desire, compared to 20 to 30% of women (, 2013).

Studying the past statistics of rape crimes in United States, it can be seen that it is decreasing yearly and the crime of rape on men in particular is decreasing. This is because many of the cases went on unreported because of the personal shame and embarrassments in the society, moreover some of the rapes are conducted in the prison itself as it was reported the news on December 16, 2007 that more than 70,000 were sexually abused in the past 12 months in U.S. Federal Prison and the majority of them went on un (2013). And it should be so because it is affecting our community and our civilization. The use of drugs is indirectly increasing because in the recent statistics, we see that drugs are being used in order to rape men. The victim and the offender both are drunk in 47% of the rape crime, in the case of offender only who had been drinking there are 17% of such cases. Only 7% of the crimes are reported in which the victim had been drinking and the rest 29% are the rape crime cases in which there are no use of drugs neither by victim nor the culprit. More than half of the rapes are occurred at the victim's place where else the rest are been conducted in the culprits place, parties, bars, or in vehicles.(Abbey, et. al, 2004)

A study proves that 119 cases of the male sexual stabbing were evident that the victims were found helpless and were overwhelmed by the threatening situation. A man would be a gay or acting like a gay if he had been assaulted by another person (Petrak and Hedge 2002).


According to a study there is no such group that is causing these crimes but the fact that such people are usually not caught is a shame in itself however, the outrage is broke against the homosexual by the heterosexual men becausethey are often facing difficulties by gays and it is evident when the people in the society offends a normal person by giving him the title of gay and such offence are very shameful for heterosexual men. These activities have destructive effects in the life of the victim and they face those effects till the end of their lives. Some of the diseases are very hazardous which are transmitted (STDs) and that might cause some rare and dangerous conditions. In some rare cases the victim ends up paying with his wealthy and healthy life. Some rare diseases are: Genital herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea (colloquially known as "the clap"), Trichomonas, Syphilis, Candidiasis (yeast infection), Scabies, HIV (venereal fluids, semen, blood), Crabs (pubic lice), AIDs and Molluscumcontagiosum (Netdoctor 2012).

The results of such activity also involve higher level of weekly drinking, tobacco taking and risky sexual behavior. Moreover those men, who are victimized at a peak level, experienced more severe sexual dysfunction.As it was discussed in the summary, many of the cases are unreported because they had been occurred in the prisons. Many men who are prisoned on charge of the crime, they fear rape in the prison and these occurred when the two genders are not differentiated in the prison.In the absence of the opposite gender that is women, some of the men represented themselves as girls and perform rapes with the inmates or with the security guards.( Wortley and Clarke 2002)"Alcohol and drugs are playing vital role in order to aid the increment of sex crimes and reducing shyness and erectile functioning. Numerous drugs are associated in the increment of erectile dysfunction such as Ecstasy. (Hart and Schwartz, 2010).

There are some impacts our society on macro level such that the children at their early age show their interest in reproduction and sex. And in their early times they often came up with such questions that "How babies are born?" so, after some moments of embarrassments the adult explain some of the basic facts to the child. The child would surely accept the knowledge as the impersonal knowledge and might (1of 100) would try to make some attempts of the rapes (mostly the first attempts would be on men) in the next period of sexual interest at puberty.

Moreover, the victim is affected by many of the psychological reactions such as misery, worry, or annoyance, moreover, the impact of rape can be severe. Some of the effects include an inability to concentrate, social isolation, low self-esteem, depression, difficulty in school and difficulty in trusting people. The impacts are even everlasting until, how well the individual survivor would adjust psychologically the rape. And to alter the emotion the one should try his best to feel as normal as he could in order tomanipulate the circumstances communally.

Many of the groups are effected by such crimes of rape on men especially teenagers. Many of the teenagers do not think that they would be raped, specifically men. Teenaged girls are the basic target, and boys are also victimized mostly by men. As it was reported in the New York Review of books by Jill Filipovic on, 21 February 2012 that United States of America is the only country in which the counts of women as a victim of rape is lower than the men (the Guardian 2012).

It is easy trapped to rape teenaged boys because such boys are often outside their house for such reasons like; dates, at friends' houses, partying, going to school and job hunting. And when such groups of teenagers rouse against the culprit, they make their way towards court and law and the riots broke out on the streets which would indirectly distress our society. Most likely the two group 'LGBT Community' and 'Victimized' are in conflict with each other. And most likely the victimized gain more power through the law and orders and gaining of such social powers, offends the culprits. In order to prevent such outrages and sexual crimes, WCSAP (Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs) is a project introduced in order to prevent the primary/basic of sexual violence. Their objective is to ally the other organization and communities together in order to put an ending to the sexual violence.

Furthermore, apart from the impact of people on macro level, the people of micro level are similarly sway by the crimes of rape on men and their lives are gravely affected in different and in unique way. Personally, the victim would react violently or if in other case your reactions were quite normal, nonetheless internally…[continue]

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