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" (Kanani, 2006)

If this can be the case for one city it is evident that by taking up such an ambitious education program nationwide, it is possible to bring about a better understanding in all police forces. The success of the Chicago and the New York police has egged the other states to create such training and induction into their own forces. There are training academies that impart diversity training to its officers. Austin Police Department in Texas has a "Cadet Community Immersion" program which helps officers deal with diverse Austin communities (Kanani, 2006) the greatest effort on record is probably from New York. The department has a strength of 35,000and is the country's largest police force. It has become diverse. The enlisted officers came from various backgrounds from Burma, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Venezuela, and Albania. Earlier the officers were of German, Irish, and Italian backgrounds. (Hays, 2007)

The department spent money and recruited the manpower firm - Bernard Hodes Group, to achieve diversity. Martin Morales, who is the head of the NYPD's Recruitment Section, says that greater emphasis must be placed on the need for diversity. "A 2005 academy class became the first that was less than half white. The current force overall is about 55% white, 24% Hispanic, 16% black and 4% Asian. The department also has cultivated a corps of bilingual officers. Its job application asks aspiring officers to review a long list of languages -- including Kurdish, Pashto and Cambodian -- and check off which ones they speak fluently." (Hays, 2007) "There are officers who speak multiple languages like Italian and Spanish. They also hold special assignments. This ensures that the officers on duty speak the language of the communities they protect, according to Commissioner Raymond Kelly. The efforts have paid off to a greater extent." (Hays, 2007)


No doubt it cannot be denied that there exists diversity in the fabric of the nation and in future as the populations grow we can expect a subsequent growth in the pressures on account of diversity to increase. Some theorists criticize the whole issue of diversity and they have the opinion that diversity should never have been made an issue, but the diverse communities taught to obey the law as it finds it to be. Many arguments seek to underplay the issue of diversity. There is an argument that is advanced contrary to all the fuss about diversity. Jared Taylor while expressing his views in the American Renaissance of July-August, 1997 says that the very notion of diversity is baseless. (Taylor, 1997)

On the contrary, this is merely the first proof that diversity is a horrible burden. If all across America it has been demonstrated that whites cannot police non-whites or put out their fires it only shows how divisive diversity really is. The racial mix of a police force -- touted as one of the wonders of diversity -- becomes necessary only because officers of one race and citizens of another are unable to work together. The diversity that is claimed as a triumph is necessary only because diversity does not work." (Taylor, 1997) Is that an admission that the diverse forces will not meet with success? We know that New York and Chicago have claimed better performance. However critics of the efforts advance the theory that diversity has a lot of disadvantages and one question is will for example the "fire department or police force has been diversified to match the surrounding community, does it work better?" (Taylor, 1997) the hiring of professional "diversity managers" is the new creation of the concept of diversity and some of the theories that these newly created experts are very doubtful. It is common knowledge, according to the critics that people prefer to work with someone who is not from their own class. Dissimilar people work well, and therefore steps to create and train for diversity are all dream concepts. (Taylor, 1997) According to the critics the interaction between people will by itself help each other, and prevent suits in the bargain.


Today the U.S. has citizens from all the continents and cultures, and come with varying backgrounds, education and culture. It is therefore necessary that there be proper representation in the police force of all the communities and the police personnel trained to deal and interact with diverse communities both to work efficiently and also to see that they are not tyrannical on account of prejudice. After the terrorist attack it has become imperative to educate officers on the cultural values and communication patterns of all ethnic groups on account of the required interaction. Many cities like Chicago and New York have taken the first step and it is hoped that the whole nation will follow.


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