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This also determined the development of tourism in Bahrain. The economic development of the country and the local culture has attracted an important number of tourists that are interested in visiting Bahrain. This also helps continue the tradition of pearl diving, but as recreational and touristic attractions.


It is difficult to identify future steps that can minimize the impact of globalization on the Bahrain pearl market. Basically, the country cannot oppose the process of globalization. The best thing to do in this situation is to develop strategies that can improve the positive effects of globalization (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2010). It is obvious that pearl diving in Bahrain cannot compete with cultured pearls in Japan and other countries. This is because cultured pearls are more accessible and less expensive. Therefore, it is recommended to continue the pear diving activity by including it in tourism packages.

This can both increase the use of this activity, and expand tourism. However, in this case it is important to increase awareness on the activity of pearl diving. This is because there are numerous tourists that are not aware of this activity. They also do not know that it can be performed by tourists in certain situations. It is important to invest in advertising campaigns that can present this activity. These campaigns must present the tradition of pearl diving, its importance, and how it can be performed. The presentation of the pearl diving activity is very important. Tourists must understand the beauty of the activity, its importance, its benefits, and the fact that it can be performed for recreational purposes.


The process of globalization can have significant effects on country's economy, but also on the activity of different companies, and on the behavior of customers. These effects can be observed on the economic evolution of Bahrain. A few centuries ago, Bahrain had an economy based on agriculture that relied mostly on traditional fishing and pearl diving. Therefore, the country relied on its important natural resources that provided great wealth to Bahrain.

But the process of globalization has determined Bahrain to develop an oil industry-based economy. In other words, the world needs more oil instead of fish and pearls. The country understood this and adapted to the situation. This means that individuals in this country had to adapt also. As a consequence, most of the fishermen got jobs in the oil industry because they were steady and the salaries were higher in comparison with fishing and pearl diving.

In addition to this, the development of cultured pearls by Japan was an activity that could satisfy most of the international pearl demand. Therefore, the pearls supplied by Bahrain became expensive and difficult to access. Globalization has developed certain economic sectors, while reducing others. This is a normal situation that affects most countries and that determines them to adapt to these changes. Bahrain is a country that has successfully adapted to the changes determined by globalization.

The country has successfully entered the oil industry. The great number of jobs in the oil industry in Bahrain reveals this situation. In addition to this, the country also addresses traditional fishing and pearl diving as recreational and touristic activities.

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