Effectiveness of Police Patrol

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Again, these authors focus on different studies completed in the past, and analyze their results. They note that police patrols are still the most common method of police activity to deter criminal activity. They write, "Random preventive patrol across police jurisdictions has continued to be one of the most enduring of standard police practices" (Weisburd and Eck 49). They found that while many police patrols were not as effective at reducing crime, directed, or hot spots policing was much more effective. They note, "The study found that the experimental as compared with the control hot spots experienced statistically significant reductions in crime calls and observed disorder. In another randomized experiment, the Kansas City Crack House Raids Experiment, crackdowns on drug locations were also found to lead to significant relative improvements" (Weisburd and Eck 54). Thus, police patrols that are directed to specific areas for specific purposes are often more effective than general police patrols.

Both of these articles do reach the same basic conclusions. They study many different types of police patrols and community policing, and discover that generally, common police patrols are not that effective in reducing and maintaining reduced crime levels. However, directed or hot spots police patrols, that are geared specifically toward cracking down on one area of crime, such as gun violence, are effective at reducing crime and altering crime rates for a specific target area. The authors cite different studies, but both cite studies from the past to help lead them to their conclusions. While they use different studies and methods, it is interesting to note that their conclusions are so similar. Police patrols may deter crime in specific areas, and increased police patrols help bring down crime statistics sometimes, but for the best results, police patrols must target a specific criminal activity and then be solely dedicated to a specific area of a city or town. The authors conclude, "Studies that focused police resources on crime hot spots provide the strongest collective evidence of police effectiveness that is now available" (Weisburd and Eck). Both articles show that standard policing methods are now outdated, and…[continue]

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