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Energy Policy which reflects the urgency in order to utilize the renewable sources of energy which can provide an alternative for the non-renewable energy in United States of America.

Global Energy Crises

Worldwide energy consumption is at its highest peak and reports suggest that by the end of 2030 the world consumption will increase by 50%. To reduce their cost countries have now turn their attention from the expensive oil energy to cheapest form of energy water. Hydroelectric is one of the most famous forms of it. This increase attention towards water to create energy has resulted in scarcity of water and it is expected that by 2025 more than half the countries will face shortage of fresh water.

Worldwide energy consumption is expected to increase by 2-fold by the end of midcentury because of the population and economic growth. This high demand for energy could be met from fossil energy resources, particularly coal and many other energy resources but the high demand and high consumption has decrease the ready availability of any kind of energy and in future the situation is reported to be much worst. However, a lot of development needs to be done if new process of energy are to be found, carbon neutral energy production and other renewable energy resources requires a large amount of technological development. Among all the energy resources which are renewable, the solar energy resource is the most famous and most useful as it is by far the largest exploitable source among all the renewable energy resources. The amount of energy it provides in one hour is more than a human consumption of energy in one year that much amount of energy can be exploited by the solar energy resource and it can solve the global energy crises in future. Overcoming the world energy crises by the help of solar energy which require the storage of it in huge amount which currently isn't possible in most parts of the world as all the countries are not technological advanced. In U.S. however solar energy has been increased to a much larger extent. People are made aware of it and they feel socially responsible, more and more people are coming towards solar energy or other renewable energy.

Energy is ranked as number one global problem followed by water and food. United States of America and other developed countries like European nations and China are still not facing that much of a problem cause of the finances they have to produce more and more energy. It said that if all the population of the world is to enjoy the same amount of energy resources as people do in the developed countries, we need to generate 60 terawatts to produce that much amount of energy which means around 900 million barrel of oil consumption per day. This describes the real picture of the energy crises the world is facing.

Capstone Energy Solution

The capstone energy favors the energy efficiency and green ways to produce energy, by green ways it mean environmental friendly way of producing energy. Capstone energy covers all the renewable energy resources. The objective of it is to make world an energy efficient place, energy is been produced and lost by usage in no time so in future reports claim that the world will be facing serious energy crises. These new methods produce renewable energy which means that the energy can be reproduced again and again with unlimited amount to resources such as wind and solar energy.

Capstone solution is derived through the latest engineering which is based on high tech turbines. New micro turbines have an efficient watershed energy management. Transforming the way of people think about energy capstone solution has completely changed the perception of energy production. Energy production is always seen as burning resources or energy to produce another type of energy this process involves finishing one energy to create another but now capstone solutions has completely change this. Now there is a concept of renewable energy but for this high technology and efficient use of it is required. Capstone solutions, ensure power availability, reduce energy cost and most importantly it is environmental friendly as it help preserve the environment with its zero emissions profile. Capstone solution is by far more efficient from that traditional back up powers.

United States Energy Policy

We cannot have an energy strategy for the previous century that traps us in the past and keeps us there. We need to have an energy strategy for the future, we should have the futuristic approach and all of the above the strategy for the 21st century should be the one that develops every source of American-made energy." - President Barack Obama, March 15, 2012

The current policy that is been employed is taking United States away from the traditional ways to produce energy and now in the year 2011 United States has decreased its oil import by 10% as compare to the previous year. This 10% means that the oil import have been reduced by 1 million barrels which means in the year 2011 United States dependence on oil has been decreased by 1 million barrels which save a lot of foreign currency. This also helps the economy as the major portion in the import list is taken by the imports of oil. United States is focusing on more efficient use of energy and the government has focused in the manufacturing of more energy efficient cars, truck and trains. The Obama era has brought in some major administration decisions it has proposed the toughest and the most efficient fuel economy standards for passenger vehicles in U.S. history, it requires an average performance of 54.5 miles per gallon by the end of 2025 this will reduce much cost of the government as well as the general public. President Obama has invested huge amount of dollars in the energy sector in order to make it more efficient. This huge investment is been done so that the United States of America should be less depended on others for energy and their increasing import bill should decline. The huge investment will give positive results by the end of 2015 as a lot of money has been invested in hybrid cars; these hybrid cars run by chargeable batteries and don't need oil, diesel or gas for the car to run.

To unleash American innovation, the Administration has launched a series of clean energy innovation hubs, which bring together teams of the best researchers and engineers in the United States to solve major energy challenges. The hubs will focus on improving batteries and energy storage, reducing constraints from critical materials, developing fuels that can be produced directly from sunlight, improving energy efficient building systems design, and using modeling and simulation for advanced nuclear reactor operations.

The government of United States has all its focus on innovation and new efficient ways to produce energy, the government is now more concerned with environmental friendly energy production and has put all it concerns in producing energy through wind and sun, this idea needs to bring together the teams of the best researchers and engineers in the United States to solve this major energy challenge and provide environmental friendly solutions to it. The hubs will be focusing on improving batteries sustainability and energy storage as it is difficult and costly to store solar and wind energy. Further they will be focusing on reducing constraints from the critical materials and developing such fuels that can be produced directly from the unlimited resource of sunlight so the focus now has been turned to not just fulfill the demands of energy but to fulfill it efficiently in an environmental friendly manner.

History of Major Events

- 1973 OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) was formed and an oil embargo caused oil crises which caused a huge shortage of oil and the prices were raised to more than double. This was the major event in the history which changed the whole complexion of the world energy as oil supply of United States and other countries were blocked by the oil suppliers mainly middle east. After these events United States has learned its lesson and move forward towards new type of energies such as renewable energies.

- 1979 Iranian revolution caused another oil crisis.

-1990 Gulf war caused another oil price shock.

These events caused shortage of oil in many countries and the increased prices raised the import bills to a much larger amount of the importing countries and it forced them to think about an alternative to fuel and renewable energy was the answer. After these events United States and many other countries started focusing on ways to produce renewable energy to ease the pressure from their import bills and to be environmental friendly.

New Tech Energy Policy

The new energy policy should focus on environmental friendly ways to produce energy but before that the focus should be on the reports that claim that the world is heading towards…[continue]

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