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extroverted intuition personality on the work environment. This is accomplished by conducting a literature review, creating a self-assessment tool for identifying these individuals and answering questions as to how this can be applied to a specific firm. Once this occurs, is when we can see how testing can help all companies find the right managers that will assist them in reaching their long-term objectives.

Over the last several decades, many employers have been using personality assessments as way to understand the thoughts and feelings of staff members. Part of the reason for this, is because this has often been used as a tool that will effectively assess the underlying strengths and weaknesses in the personality of select individuals. Once this takes place, is when mangers can be able to use this information to predict how well someone will succeed in a particular job. This is the point that they can effectively assign each person to predetermined areas that will help them to meet company goals and give them a sense of satisfaction from their work.

Evidence of this can be seen with observations from Raja (2004), who found that those employers that are most able to effectively understand this will influence the work environment. This is when there will be a change in the way everyone is interacting with one another. Once this occurs, is the instant that they will be able to make a change to their operating environment. This is significant, because it is showing how these tools will have a positive impact on the firm. To fully understand the way this is being utilized by employers requires: examining a specific personality, discussing increased self-awareness in the form of a personality test and applying this information to a case study that was examined earlier. Once this occurs, is when we can be able to see how the personality of select individuals can have an impact on productivity and the work environment of the firm. (Raja, 2004, pp. 350 -- 367)

Part A

In this section we will examine a specific personality type and the impact that it is having in the workplace. This will be accomplished by looking at extroverted intuition in the form of a literature review. Once this happens, is when we can offer specific insights that will have an effect on how everyone is interacting with one another inside the workplace.

In the article that was written by Furham (2007) it is discussing how extroverted intuition will have an impact on operating environment of a firm. This is when managers are using their instincts to determine who would work well in various positions inside the organization. The way that this basic approach works is when executives will look at: the personality of the individuals, how they are interacting with others, their ability to complete their tasks in a group environment and if the person is considered to be a self-starter. These elements are important, because they will help managers to determine what personnel would be effective in particular teams and departments. After conducting a study of 3,500 executives, researchers found that this approach is useful in transforming the work environment. As everyone, is located in areas where they can work effectively with each other in achieving the overall objectives of the firm. This is significant, because it is showing how this personality type can be able to deal with a host of challenges impacting an organization. (Furnham, 2007, pp. 99 -- 109)

The article that was written by Salter (2006), it is discussing how extroverted institution can help to deal with potential conflicts in the workplace. The reason why, is because these kinds of individuals are continually seeking out new ideas and there is constant interaction with everyone. Once this occurs, is when misunderstandings can be avoided and staff members can begin to focus on specific strategies that will help the firm to be able to adapt with changes that are taking place in the markets. The information from this source is useful, because it is illustrating how there are a number of issues of that extroverted intuition will assist in identifying the underlying challenges facing the firm. (Salter, 2006, pp. 173 -- 184)

In the article that was written by Blass (2008), it is talking about how managers are often focused on specific skill sets of subordinates. This is because they believe that this can help them to be able to allow the firm to maintain its competitive advantage. However, underneath it all is when there are other personality factors that will have an impact on the ability of executives to effectively interact with employees. Part of the reason this is because, the way that they can motivate someone will have an effect on their ability to go the extra mile for the organization. This is when they can adapt to shifts inside the marketplace. The best kinds of managers that can be able to do this are those who are using extroverted intuition. The reason why, is because this is motivating employees and other managers to do more for the organization. The information from this source is useful, as it is illustrating how those individuals who are of this personality type will be more successful in a wide variety of operating environments. (Blass, 2008, pp. 822 -- 833)

Part B

To effectively determine what kinds of leaders possess an extroverted intuition personality requires conducting a self-assessment test. This is when each person will take a predetermined test that will allow us to see if they possess these attributes and can apply them on a regular basis. Once this occurs, is when we can be able to effectively screen for the right candidates that can help an organization to achieve its long-term objectives. At the same time, we are actively looking for individuals who can transform the work environment and reach out to staff members. Once this occurs is when we can determine who the ideal candidates are to: help a firm in achieving its long-term goals and building an atmosphere that is supportive in reaching out to everyone. The results of sample self-assessment is included in the below appendix along with the questions and answers.


The answers for this examination will be scored from 1 to 5. One is when you strongly disagree, while five are those responses that you strongly agree with.

1. How important do you think it is to work with people? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

2. How important is it to be communicating with people? 1,2, 3, 4, 5

3. Do you think that the executives should take more of an authoritarian approach when working with others? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

4. Do you believe that communicating with staff members are effective in dealing with possible issues in the workplace? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

5. How important is it to have staff members working together? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Based on the results of this self-assessment, employers will have an idea as to what executives can work effectively with the staff and other managers. This will help us to determine what candidates possess this kind of personality. The way that this was designed was from the findings in the literature review and the results in the workplace. This is significant, because it is illustrating how our basic approach will help us to be able to effectively identify managers that have the most desirable attributes that the company is looking for. Once this takes place, is when we can determine who would be the most effective leaders. This is the point that we can begin to train these individuals and bring more of these attributes to the forefront on a regular basis. Over the course of time, this tool will allow the firm to find the best managers that have the most desirable personality traits. This is when we can begin designing a training program that will address those issues that are most important to them.

Part C

What advice would you offer to Alice regarding this dilemma? Do you believe employers should use personality testing to select their employee? Support your argument with evidence from the literature

The best advice that can be given to Alice is to find someone that has an extroverted intuition personality. The reason why, is because this is a position that will involve working with Mark (who is considered to be an introvert). This is someone who has trouble communicating with others and will often keep his ideas to himself. To be able to have Mark open up about what challenges he is facing and how they can be rectified requires finding a person who can effectively reach out to him. The extroverted intuition personality is the best tool in achieving these objectives. The reason why, is because this basic approach will have the supervisors sensing what is wrong and constantly communicating with him a on a regular basis. Over the course of time, this will help…[continue]

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