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Homeland Security and Justice Administration

In this paper, we are going to be studying the impact of the relationship between: an emergency operations plan (EOP) with a real time incident action plan (IAP). This will be accomplished by focusing on: the strategies that can be used by first responders and the relationship between an EOP in comparison with an IAP. Once this takes place, is when we provide specific insights as to how these areas can address the challenges that are impacting different stakeholders.

Over the last several years, the issue of first responders in dealing with terrorist related events has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because they are expected to go into areas where they may have to save lives. Yet, they are also must preserve evidence and protect any kind of possible crime scene. This is illustrating the constant amounts of planning and training that must occur to achieve the different objectives. To fully understand how this is taking place requires looking at: strategies that can be used by first responders and the relationship between an emergency operations plan (EOP) in contrast with a real time incident action plan (IAP). Together, these different elements will highlight the underlying challenges that first responders will face and how they can effectively address these issues. (Roy, 2004, pg. 384)

What guidance would you give to government first responders when called upon to reconcile competing and mutually exclusive responsibilities amidst the chaos of a disaster or terror strike? What principles might guide their decisions? What precautions might they take to minimize risk?

The best advice that can be provided is to have the government create a workable strategy that will deal with a host of contingencies. During this process, there will be effective coordination and training for a number of possible situations that may be dealt with. In the aftermath of a disaster or terrorist attack, this will help to direct first responders and critical resources to locations where they are needed the most. Once this takes place, is when they will be able to control the scene and mitigate any kind of collateral damage.

However, at the same time there must be an emphasis on having flexibility. This is because the situation on the ground is continually evolving. When this happens, officials must be able to deal with a host of issues simultaneously. Those plans are more flexible, can use this basic strategy and their training to adapt with any kind of new threats. This is the point that they will be able to effectively mitigate them over the long-term. (Bennett, 2010, pp. 2 -- 11)

There are a number of different principles that will guide the decisions of government officials. The most notable include: the ability to save lives, protect property owners / the interest of businesses, maintaining law / order, moving those killed away from the area, searching for survivors and preventing the public from interfering with the crime scene. This is illustrating how all first responders must take into account a number of issues when determining the best way to respond to particular situations. (Bennett, 2010, pp. 2 -- 11)

The precautions that can reduce risks are to have regular amounts of training and coordination. This will help everyone to understand the strategy and what they can do to adjust with possible contingencies. Moreover, the public must be made aware of what they can do to protect themselves. If this kind of approach is taken, it will create a sense of vigilance among different stakeholders. This is when any kind of risks can be effectively reduced from: proper planning, coordination and communication. (Bennett, 2010, pp. 2 -- 11)

What is the relationship between an emergency operations plan (EOP) and a real-time incident action plan (IAP)? What are the differences between the two? Why it is important that planning is anchored by a comprehensive EOP?

An emergency operations plan (EOP) is focused on creating a basic strategy that first responders, government / business officials, community leaders, nonprofit entities and the general public can follow (in the event of natural or man-made disaster). The incident action plan (IAP) is discussing specific step that first responders, government officials and private entities will use when dealing with an actual disaster. During this process, is when different stakeholders will practice and prepare for the using this plan on short notice. The relationship between…[continue]

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