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Shorter Sales Cycles

As an expert in the field, Remont will also enjoy the benefit of shorter sales cycles. People who come to them will require less research, and will push more people to their product (Charlesworth 2009). They will approach the site with confidence and they will find them buying quicker than ever.

Joint Ventures

Becoming an expert will also influence others in the trade to seek a business out. They will look to connect with Remont because of their money making potential, and whether they are offering similar or complimentary products, it will enhance business (Reis 2001).

The basics steps of leveraging the Internet must be understood before the technical one, and these following ones will serve as the foundation of the sales approach.

Step 1 -- Be Giving

Having the right attitude on the website is essential for making progress with Internet pages. The company needs to cultivate an attitude of giving, and gift their followers with free samples, free information and free facts and specials.

Step 2 -- Relate with the Customers

The customers and clients should know that the company feels their pain, and they should position themselves to explain their situation in their own words. The company should indicate that they have gone through the same things, and provide the solutions that worked for them. They can explain how they are the same, and explain how the same tactics will work for them.

Step 3 -- Branding

The company should be able to brand their product in just one word or phrase. This is partly important because of the search tendencies of the Internet age, but it should also help consumers to identify them in a simple and concise way. The one word or one phrase brand would allow them to exude the essence of their business without any distractions to the brand (Lee 2001).

Step 4 -- Conveying the Vision

Now that the business is branded with keywords or key phrases, they should make sure that the vision of the brand or company is defined as well. Decide how to get an outcome that you can consistently deliver on. Just like a pizza place promising to deliver in less than 30 minutes or a group telling someone that they are a one stop shop for anything, Remont should be able to convey their vision in a short paragraph or homepage.

These are, in essence, the basics to marketing a brand and producing a successful page. With the basics in mind, they must then move on to the more technical methods.

Step 5 -- Ultimate Communication

With a brand established, the company needs then to determine how they are going to communicate this brand with the world. The premium ways to market are also online, and the beauty of this lies in the multiple ways to convey the same or similar messages or ideas (Charlesworth 2009). They include:

Online videos

Online newsletters



Online forums

Social media sites


White papers

Public relations

SEO articles


Making the Website

Some may think that websites should be listed among these communications channels, but this is untrue. The website will not receive as heavy traffic as other venues, but it is the home page. Whatever product the business is selling, the other forms of communication will garner all of the traffic, and these will drive the visits to the webpage (Lee 2001).

Picking a Domain Name

The domain name for the business is essential to traffic. If should feature a short name, but should not sacrifice what Remont is trying to convey. The domain name should be registered for three months or more, as most new sites can be confused as spamming sites.

Remont then needs to find a server that allows them to pay a cheap fee every month, and one that will give the opportunity to host unlimited email addresses and domain names (Charlesworth 2009).

Professional Design

All of the technical aspects of the page should be outsourced from professionals, and this includes one aspect that can make or break any page. The design of the site should be done with an eye for color and style, and should be outsourced to a professional as your homepage (Ferrell 2008).

Website Navigation

Navigating a website should be a process that will not leave others in confusion. Visitors, consumers and clients should be able to find themselves on a page, and locate all of the essentials without having to worry about clicking a dozen times or going through unnecessary contact pages.

Creating Content

Content, as the saying goes, is king. And this is no different for a website. The company needs to establish their brand with one word, come up with their vision and define the problem that they are trying to solve (Ferrell 2008). All of these steps will help them with the next step: trying to produce excellent content for the visitors. The company will have to determine the following things:

What are you offering?

Who are you trying to reach?

Who have you helped and where is the proof?

What is your company all about and why is it credible?


The last step, and perhaps the most important, is driving the traffic to the actual website. This can be done in a number of ways (Lee 2001).

Link from other sites

Linking from other sites will allow a company to reap the rewards of the visitors on other pages. Companies can link a site to blogs and forums, and drive these visitors to their page in droves.

Submit articles

Submitting articles will give Remont the opportunity to get some of their expertise onto the Internet, and leave customers wanting more.

Social media and bookmarking

One of the most popular traffic-driving methods on the Internet, social media like Facebook and Twitter allows a company to reach visitors without any effort. It provides the capability to freely post pages to sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit (Ferrell 2008).

Knowing marketing and bookmarking

For any website, it is essential to know why there need to be more.

The company's page needs to attract visitors, and the best way to do this is with blogs, eZines and social media sites. The website is worthless unless it gets visitors, and these methods help to attract visitors.

Remont needs to keep their content to a certain quality standard, as one time visitors will not help them. These are also the types of visitors that will not suggest the page to others. They need people coming back and people giving good reviews of the site.

The Internet is among the best ways to stay connected, and if people like what they are seeing with a website, they will take the small amount of time to email the site or send it along it a tweet or Facebook post (Ferrell 2008).


eZines are one of these three popular ways to attract customers, and the eZines that are available will allow the company to deliver emails and newsletters in the form of an article.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the not so recent past of ink and paper, businesses could easily market themselves to a whole new population of customers by spending their money on things like print advertisements. With the Yellow Pages, newspaper, TV Advertisements, the radio, direct mail and the early days of the Internet, marketing was pretty straightforward. Now, in a wireless and modernized marketplace, the only advertising medium seeing results is the Internet. To understand why, a company should first take a look at the other mediums, to learn how we arrived (Lee 2001).

This is like having just one phone book to advertise, except that phone book is no longer the Yellow Pages, but Google. Nearly every person using the Internet is seeing the ads on Google, and making your ad the top of the page is a top priority for everyone.

E-mail marketing

Another top method of marketing a blog or webpage, e-mail marketing will allow the company to squeeze the most out of their site even when people are not visiting the site (Charlesworth 2009).

Like sending fliers or advertisements in the postal mail, e-mail marketing allows a company to reach users that may have never heard of the page.

By using e-mail marketing, the company can alert readers or potential readers of what is going on with the site, why they should visit the site and it can tease them with some of the value and important information that is being provided on the site (Ferrell 2008).

With e-mail marketing a company can send people the following:

small lessons that illustrate what can be found on their page

The e-mail campaign should provide some value, but should not make the content on the website irrelevant (Ferrell 2008).

It should encourage people to use the content in your e-mail, and then go to the site for further value…[continue]

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