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Unlike the transatlantic slave trade, they are not being recruited to work in any specific geographical area or any clearly defined industry or economy. True, many of the women are sold as prostitutes or concubines, and the children as labourers, but there are relatively few established and stable routes and markets. While the transatlantic slave trade was legal and carried on as a form of legitimate commerce, the modern slave trade is illegal. Records of these underground business transactions are largely hidden from public view; so are the human beings who are bought and sold in this twenty-first-century slave trafficking. The pervasiveness and the relatively invisible nature of this illegal trafficking make it difficult to define and develop a strategy for abolishing it.

Dodson 28)

Actions of Mexico:

As this work has previously stated there are several innate problems associated with ideology surrounding prostitution, as well as illegal immigration with regard to Mexico. There are vocal outcries to change the economic and social situation in Mexico, which would by default address the scale of the problem of sex trafficking across borders, but this is of coarse easier said than done. Until Mexico has a stable and livable economy actions on the part of government, no matter how well intended will not seriously alter the issue of sexual slavery, illegal immigration, sexual trade immigration or human trafficking in general. Even with new regulations and enforcement of laws resulting from terrorism, getting out of Mexico is still relatively easy and getting in is even easier, so the increase in human trafficking that is likely to occur as well as the relatively liberal laws regarding prostitution will likely create an even bigger problem, in Mexico than already exist and in the very near future.

Action in the Global Environment:

Undocumented immigration, again is illegal in most countries, with varying degrees of enforcement, but once again the issues of sexual slavery and undocumented immigration are not linked in any substantial way to create a situation of safe haven for victims of human trafficking in the sex industry and there are actually places, such as Cambodia and Hong Kong to name a few where the prostitution industry is so much a part of the national tourist economy that officials are reluctant to take a legal stand, even where laws exist to help sexual slaves.

West 305) Though international organizations such as the UN can and have taken vocal steps to speak out against human trafficking and sexual slavery they have little in the way of enforcement capabilities.

Eldridge 71)


This work brings to light one of the most immediate of human issues, as sexual slavery, and especially with regard to Mexican sexual slavery that is occurring in our own back yards, is an issue that is in serious need of address by local, state, national and international lawmakers and peoples. Though the global market in other things can be linked to human progress (or human deterioration in some cases) the globalization of human trafficking, and the sex trade makes the issue an indefinable and therefore difficult one to conquer in any meaningful way, and we thought eradicating legal slavery was a difficult social transition.

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