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In order for these organizations to succeed in the dynamic global landscape, there is a need for them to involve strategic human resource management techniques that change with time and vary by location.

Organizing in a changing global environment: marketing as a reference point

The world is ever in the revolution process, this means that the world is changing every day, the changes are experienced in different areas including environmental, climatic, agriculturally, and even physically. It is therefore important to note that all aspect of life is ever changing.It is therefore a reality that those involved in business can do very little in preventing the global changes. This is due to the fact that change is inevitable only that people do not embrace the change. This paper elaborates on how marketers can organize themselves in a changing global environment.

The trend at which the global has been changing in the recent past has been sky-scraping. This has been evidenced by the rate at which new products are introduced in the market. In most cases these new products have been an advancement of the old ones as evidenced in the electronics industry. The changes have a philosophical impact on global marketing either directly or indirectly as follows; increased risks and uncertainty since the products fade off more easily; real time information management; and rapid response to global development, this is because the marketers must be drawing the picture of the ever-changing market hence thinking outside the box in discounting the present to create the future and move far from benchmarking.It is therefore very important that before developing a marketing strategy, the marketers should accept the changes and embrace the idea in the marketing plan. There is need to change in the decision making orientations including shift from stable environment to more turbulent environments in the world of marketing .Many articles, papers, presentations and books have been written about global marketing, and ever changing global environment. In their paper global market management, Laze & Shawn (2000) discussed the global economic changes which are under way at the dawn of the new millennium, such as the new Euro currency, Asian economic downturn, instantaneous flows of capital, new global conglomerates, and the growth of the Internet the paper urges global marketers to think outside the box in development of marketing plans. Marketing is a very important element in determining the level of global change in terms of economic this is because it reflects the nature of the human being. It is therefore very important to define marketing in order to understand the real meaning and how it relates to ever changing global environment.When organizing global marketing plan in this ever changing global environment, it is very important that the elements of marketing mix are considered. These include the four P's thus Product, Price, placement and promotion. The P's are very paramount when a company is organizing worldwide marketing plan to compete with the competitors. Product is very important in organizing global marketing in that if it enables the marketers determine the number of products the company is going to deal in. most the international companies choose to specialize in one product with the aim of reaching more customers.


From the above descriptions it is very important that the marketers should take the following recommendations; first there is need for the marketers to embrace the ever changing global environment and take advantage of the same. Secondly; the big companies should be able in a position to be reviewing their marketing strategies regularly, this is because nearly all the environmental changes have an effect to the products, bearing in mind that products keeps on changing day by day.


It is a reality that the global environment is ever-changing and all aspects of life are affected; it is therefore very important that each and every industry to change the tactics in their field, this include Marketing industry .As from the year 2008, due to world financial crisis that affected the whole world, most of the companies were closed down with others forced to cut the number of employees in order to survive. This is just an example of the environmental change that affected business adversely. It is therefore very important that those involved in the marketing industry should always revise their strategies in coping with the ever-changing global environment. The multinational companies must therefore adopt a comprehensive and dynamic change process that emanates from its local subsidiaries spread all over the world


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