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All veteran therapists know that religious differences are the main causes for incongruity and sadness. (Dating and Marrying Nonmembers) Hence Rachel needs to understand that it is not a wise decision to marry a person of a different race.


In a love life, when parents object and when the partner is not understandable the person in question would face enormous depression. So what is meant by depression? The loss of an essential life aim without accusing anybody is depression. This loss disturbs our behavior, our temper or personal feelings, our talent, our outlook or inspiration, and our physical functioning and health. The outcomes of depression are "behavioral extremes, poor memory, confusion, loneliness, lack of care, going away from home, disobedient, violence gripped with guiltiness and fear about doing mistakes, about being reckless, crying, suicidal pressures." (History and Gender factors in Depression)

Over 18 million Americans are miserable. Of these 2 million are teenagers. In certain cases, the biological trend toward depression is present in a family. In other cases, life pressures cause depression. Today American families are very busy. Parents, who have to manage the family alone, work for longer hours to provide financial support for the family. A parent may begin to date again, or may just be dealing with his or her own depression. A dejected teen may feel the parent's pressure or concern and feel culpable about oppressing the parent with his own problems. Some parents may attempt to make the teenager feel better by reducing the problem or they may in fact reject his request. More and more teenagers have been looking for each other out when they are perplexed, miserable or in difficulty. Occasionally, they may form an intricate group of support for a depressed or suicidal colleague. This can be a helpful early caution system for worried teens. Other times, it may include giving out antidepressant medicines, concealing a runaway, or preventing psychiatric help. Parents and teenagers must be conscious of the forewarning indications of depression and suicidal thinking. It is essential to take time to talk with the depressed person. Ensure that he or she gets help from mature adults. This is what Rachel's parents are to do, to give her support rather than to scold or punish her. (Child and Adolescent Depression: Diagnosis and Treatment)

To be depressed does not indicate that there is something wrong in your life religiously, even though sometimes it is a religious problem. Being depressed is just being in a low point or low condition bodily or expressively. The teenagers often struggle with being downcast or depressed, as they go through the physical and emotional changes in their life. Sometimes mixtures of physical and social problems or changes cause some to withdraw into them. But sometimes people see only the pessimistic things that enclose them and this makes them depressed. These physical, emotional and social conditions are very genuine. In a teen's life, there is no question about the certainty of these issues. The queries we have to answer biblically are how the teens should tackle all these physical, emotional and social circumstances in their life? Depression is actually the mistreatment of life's problems and circumstances, some of which, people bring on themselves. If they are depressed due to their parent's regulations or principles, then they there is a need to understand that God requires that children, must obey their parents and should have respect for them. There is no mid-path; it is either compliance or defiance on their part. There is a need to understand that your depression that you are blaming on your parents rules actually has little to do with your parent's principles, but it has all to do with your erroneous reaction towards your parents, which is a corrupt reaction.

In this case, you have defied God first, for God gave the rule for children to follow their parents. If you have been grumbling about Dad and Mom's rules, admit it, then make an apology to your parents and notice what ensues when your relationship with God and your parents is correct. You begin to feel a more contented teen. but, if you prolong to do wrong, you will be depressed to a greater extent, because you are deciding to react unbiblically towards your worries and situations. Other than real physical reasons that can create depression, you seize the key to being happy! You can decide on reacting optimistically and correctly to life's problems and situations. God watches your every progress and thinking. Try to satisfy Him with every reaction and Happiness and Joy will encircle you. In reality, if Rachel lead a life that delights God, many will come to witness your happiness and ask how they can acquire it for themselves. but, the contrary is true, if you prolong, as a Christian, to react rudely and overlook your wicked reactions, your grief and depression will push others away. Happiness and Joy invites others, so it is essential to be right and be happy. (Biblical Answers for Depressed Teens)


Adolescence, besides being a time of remarkable changes in looks, thoughts, and feeling, is also a time of significant changes in relationships with parents, siblings, and friends. One of the most important changes that take place during this time is the commencement of romantic relationships. Dating at younger age is not agreeable due to the following reason. Dating can hinder with school accomplishments. Girls who start dating at early age are more uncomfortable and nervous than girls who still use up their free time with friends. They would be keen on preserving their good looks to boys, they may fail in school. Enfolded by the social prospect or a certain boy, they have a smaller amount of time for schoolwork, outside interests and pastime, friends, and family.

It is much better for girls to expand the social skills required for dating steadily and in groups, with girlfriends to encourage them and adults to control them. They will be able to manage dates and would-be romance, if they are a little grown up, are a little more safe emotionally, have had more humorous experiences with boys in groups and so feel more at ease with the opposite sex and secure about themselves. Thus, we can bring to a close that if Rachel recognizes the difference between true love and infatuation, the troubles related with inter-religion dating and avoidable depression due to her parent's resistance of her dating, she can emerge from her suicidal thinking and have a normal or better life. These understandings are essential for Rachel as she is only 15 years old and entire life is ahead of her to take on, and accomplish her career ambitions. (Understanding Adolescence)


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