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Self-Assessment of Academic Development

In today's world it's the desire of almost every individual to have good education and a bright future. To follow and accomplish this desire the individuals look for an institute which is up to the standards of modern innovations in the discipline of learning and knowledge assisted by the professional instructors, project manager and in general whole of the faculty. Like all the other individuals, I also had the similar goal to attain best education and learning in the most professional style. This aim of mine has resulted in the selection of this institute.

Questions regarding self-assessment in academic development:

Adopted strategies and their significance:

The accepted strategies that were employed by me to manage the learning requirements of my teachers were dependant on my ability of learning as I reckon that each individual's ability of learning is different from the other. Some students get the teacher's point rite during the lecture while others need to do some work on it later at home to get the point teacher was trying to convey. For some it even needs a bit of further discussion with friends or faculty members to make it clear. Then only they are able to work on the assignments and other tasks given by the instructor. My approach towards all this learning was easy in a way that it has been my routine that I discuss with my friends or classmates whatever the discussed topic has been in the class through social networking sites (OKUT, FACEBOOK, etc.). This practice of mine helped a great deal. I found out that it is basically a very economical mode of learning where we are able to discuss all the doubts related to the topic with the instructors as well as friends and some other concerned people all sitting at our own home. At the end of each discussion I feel very much satisfied and confident over the point or topic and that made my learning easy.

The instructors use fairly up-to-date advance techniques for teaching and it seems that there is a regular searching for any new advancement and if any innovative methods of learning and teaching being brought in by the education department they at once try to implement and take advantage of them. Approaches like group assignments and research work all result in giving confidence to the individual thus enabling him/her to cope with latest market and other everyday dealings. But one area which I speculate needs more attention is the need to expand the use of information technology tools as the present generation often finds the absence of such tools uninteresting and soon loses the concentration over the lecture. The visual work if included during the lecture makes it more interesting for the pupils and can help avoiding boring attitude. It should also be preferred if the assignments submitted are in the form of soft copy instead of traditional printouts. By doing this the use of computer application will be increased among students. (Alban, 2002)

Feedback Improving Performance:

Feedback has a very important part to play an assessing one's performance. It enables one to get the overview of what is positive or negative about him, his/her attributes and features lacking in him/her. The same case applies with me as what ever feedback has been given about me by the instructors, my colleagues etc. has made it very easy for me to assess my self keeping in view the points mentioned in my feedback. Every body is aware that self-assessment in not an easy task and one can not just pin point the lacking areas and try to work on them. So I believe that the approach which can work best here is the receiving of feedbacks. The best approach then is to talk about the solutions with those people who gave the feedback. The discussion approaches to play and this is actually the idea of instructors is, they want the learner to consider the importance of discussion and assessment and learn through the results of those discussion. This exact exercise makes it easy for us to get hold of the technicalities of discussion hence enabling us to employ it rightly for our discussions about course work as well as assignments. (Alkhasawneh, 2008)

3. Improvement of Skills and present Gaps:

In the beginning of my course I found out that I was way behind in the level of confidence. I felt hesitant when it comes to arguing on any topic or involving in discussion. Somewhere in me I was aware of it and was quite annoyed sometimes due to this habit. However through out the course interaction with my colleagues and instructors enable me to beat this habit. The initial feedback from my fellow students and then the tutor played a great role in all this. Nevertheless, the regular exercise of student involvement by the instructors and acknowledging him/her on the success boost the confidence of the student. The same technique proved fruitful for me and I ended up being an active participant of any discussion within a group or class. The disparity however still comes to scene when I feel that I might have been a good presenter as well when talk about giving presentations. And this notion appears to me for the grounds that nowadays students do not get an opportunity to present their research in front of the class. So I think that this fact needs to be modified or improved by the administration and drills like these should be introduced. These practices will not only help the shy students in overcoming their hesitance but will also help pupils in long-term by providing loads of confidence.

Effects of learning programmes on workplace and everyday life:

The effects of learning programmes thus far have been very positive both on work and in my day-to-day life. As I have already stated that I was one of the most shy individual and was always found avoiding friendly gossips, discussion and all that sort of gatherings due to my fear that my knowledge on the subject might not be sufficient to induce others and that I may ended up being a laughing stock. Nevertheless ever since I stated this course this hesitation of mine seems to be fading away and I feel myself a confident person. This has also been helpful at my workplace since it has boosted my confidence as whatever I had been taught at institute I used to practice those theories and then used to get the best results. My learning ability and the practice of positive experimentation was enhanced to a great amount and I think a person feels quite contented when he/she applies in his/her daily life or at work whatever is taught to him/her. People begin admiring you and say encouraging words. That is one of the best feelings of one's life. Thus I can say with great confidence that the impact on my work and daily life has been extremely positive and it is still improving with each passing day.

Change in believes, values or approach:

I suppose that the work should be completed today rather than leaving for tomorrow. It would not be wrong if I compare a good institute with a good and considerate mother where the mother is well conscious about the child's requirements. She takes all the care and protects her child from the troubles by providing with the fundamental knowledge about dealing with certain issues in life ahead. Similarly if the mother is inconsiderate and shows no interest in the child's well being, the child ends up losing his confidence and might find confusion in all spheres of life and stop growing the way he should be both mentally and physically. This is one of the attributes of a good institution that it…[continue]

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