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WikiNerdia allows the users to ask questions and all the nerd community members answer the questions. People normally trust the reviews and answers of the customers more than the brand. Giantnerd gets the benefit of their fan engagement and ultimately the brand trust increases. Customers can be your sale force and work for any company if the company can get the benefit by engaging the audience. A brand must think of multiple opportunities for the customers so that they can spread the word about the company. Real-time engagement opportunities and exclusive social communities are the tools which can turn existing customers to word-of-mouth advocates (Goldman, 2013).

Social Media will have a huge impact on business over the next decade, especially on the recruiting matters. Social media technology presents exciting opportunities for the recruitment industry. A research has highlighted that Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are the most used social media websites by hiring professionals. There are websites using more traditional recruitment techniques of referral hiring. There are more recruitment tools available to hiring professionals which enables them to get the automated referrals from employees inside their social networks. Diversity and security lacks as well as the lack of personal data. The data can be accessed by any company or even the websites sale the data of the social networking websites. Recruiters are researching to form the ways in which they can easily provide the extension of their services to the mobile device through the development of applications. Location-based tools are also in view to be used as recruitment channel. These innovations are generally used to hire people within the sectors of digital media and creative sector but there are reports which show that they are now being used within the professional service industries as well. Employers are realizing that more focused working with the recruitment solution providers is more important in order to get the right candidate for the right job at the first time. This is visible that social media websites revolutionized the hiring processes through its dynamics and will continue in the future ("The Impact of Social Media on Recruitment," 2011). These new social media website trends will leave no industry, no company and no department untouched. Companies and individuals just need to get beyond the hype in order to take the full advantage. People are getting in touch with each other in a very different way nowadays and more and more users are adopting these online social media websites as their preference online. The nature of these trends is of the long-term and they will surely change the world for decades to come. It is the right time to get along with the online shift and take full advantage.

There are, however, a number of skills that are needed for improving so that the advantages can be derived from the mentioned changes brought by social media in businesses. Businesses are required to enhance community management to develop a relationship of trust with the consumers/customers as well as the employees. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most significant tools for the development of all types of content on social media. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire basic principles of SEO and grasp them efficiently. A social media manager must develop an eye for creativity and a production process sense for art creation. Polished writing skills are also a prerequisite for a social media manager as no website or social medium can succeed without attractive content. It is also important to have a deep knowledge and understanding of both conventional business analytics and web analytics (Libert, 2010).


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