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The Mechanical Clock has been invented in Europe in the 13th century, and, despite of the fact that it had been obvious that it would bring benefits to the world, it received little to no recognition from outside of Europe.

Printing has been invented by the Chinese in the ninth century and later perfected by the Europeans, as the Chinese did not seem interested in the act. The Europeans became fond of printing and millions of books had been printed in just a short amount of time. The Islam did not seem to be interested in having the Koran printed, nor did it seem interested in having printing present in their territory. The Asian world also appeared to be reluctant from accepting printing for the important technological advancement that it had been. The Chinese apparently treated every European invention with lack of enthusiasm because of the fact that they did not want to accept European technological superiority. Also, a strong reason for which the Islamic world did not accept most of the western inventions has been that their religion regarded technology and science as being heresies.

Writer Richard Sclove has intended Democracy and Technology to explain how technology can control people and how it can worsen or ameliorate social problems. Subconscious Compliance refers to technology influencing society on all levels, and, people's personalities being changed depending on the way that it is used. Polypotency refers to a certain technological device being able to perform several other actions besides from its initial purpose.

Artifacts/Ideas and Political Culture is a book written by Langdon Winner in an attempt to present his readers with a concept referring to the disadvantages that technology has brought. Winner claims that most people are mainly inclined to produce better technology than their competitors, regardless of the effects that their actions might have.

Technology has put an end to community life and it has lead to globalization, a point where people act as a whole. The notion of privacy has changed over the years, and, in the present, little people can actually claim that they can enjoy privacy. While humans have made use of most existing sources of fuel, they did not manage to control their actions, and, thus terrible accidents have happened.

One of the greatest fears that humans have regarding technology is the fear that the machines that they build will one day decide that humans are obsolete and that they are of no use to the planet.

The media is certainly one of the greatest achievements performed by mankind, as it has succeeded in informing billions of people of the occurrences having happened around the world. Even with the benefits that it has brought, it is also one of the most terrible creations in the history of man. People have often had their minds altered by various communication devices.

Claire Hope Cummings's Trespass is a material that has certainly presented a challenge for the so-called "safe" world of genetic engineering. While its supporters claim that the technology is extremely safe, and that it cannot bring any harm to our society, it apparently is damaging, as it cannot be controlled by the ones that use it.

Considering that people have become acquainted with the risks that genetic engineering presents, there are little chances that scientists would be allowed to take their experiments even further. Even if the technology's supporters have vowed that this would be an important breakthrough in the history of mankind, they have only managed to receive limited support from the public.

One of the first significant technological achievements performed by mankind has been the wheel, having been built at approximately 4000 B.C. Another significant achievement has been the currency at approximately 2000 B.C. The first fully mechanical clock has been invented in 724 by Liang Ling-Can. Gunpowder has been invented in the ninth century, in China. Thomas Savery invented the steam engine in 1698. Richard Trevithick invents the Locomotive in 1804. Samuel Colt invents the revolver in 1835. Alfred Nobel invents dynamite in 1866. Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright invent the powered airplane in 1903. Einstein writes the Theory of Relativity in 1905. Henry Ford mass-produces the Model T. In 1908. The atomic bomb is dropped in 1945. Uri Gagarin is the first man in space in 1961.…[continue]

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