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Stress has recently emerged as one of the most dangerous disorders that people can contract as a result of coming across a series of more or less serious problems. Entering a new community is probable to provide an individual with significant issues, as the respective person would have to perform great efforts in order to be able to successfully integrate. This is the case with first-year students, as they encounter several problems trying to adapt to a more demanding environment. These people experience academic, social, and personal impediments as they struggle to be accepted by a world that they are largely unfamiliar with.

Leaving an environment that they have been accustomed to staying in for most of their lives can be particularly stressful for first-year students, as they practically need to abandon their previous lives in order to take on new challenges. Most individuals believe that it is easy to anticipate how life in a higher education institute can be like, but eventually discover that conditions are very different from how they expected them to be. More and more students have started to report high levels of stress as a consequence of the fact that they pursued higher education.

Finances are one of the most important factors when considering first-year students, considering that these individuals need to focus on organizing their money accurately in order to be able to address all issues that they are probable to come across. This is even more problematic when considering that in spite of the fact that economies experienced significant drops during the recent years, higher education has kept its prices and has made it increasingly difficult for parents to be able to provide their children with everything that they need. Having lesser money in an environment where one is expected to enjoy the freedoms of being a student is probable to have significant negative effects on an individual. He or she is likely to be marginalized and he or she can experience problems trying to integrate in particular groups.

Depression in college students can lead to poorer performances and is even probable to prevent an individual from being able to learn effectively. Higher education institutes need to get actively involved in combating stress in students and need to focus on providing these individuals with the assistance they need as they are about to suffer as a consequence of stress. By introducing individuals who will be there for students as they experience stressful situations educational institutes are probable to effectively deal with problems associated with stress. One of the most important concepts in this process regards using channels that students typically appreciate with the purpose of boosting their self-esteem.

The authorities have devised a series of strategies meant to assist stressed students and have concentrated on trying to understand the exact factors that cause stress. By focusing on the difference between students' expectations and the actual experiences they undergo as they attend higher education the authorities are enabled to discover the tools that they can use with the purpose of combating problems causing stress. A positive environment that influences students to become more determined and more certain regarding what they want from college is essential in helping students who experience stress (LaSere Erickson, Peters & Weltner Strommer 244).

One of the main reasons for which students experience stress as they try to discover their personal identity in an environment that they initially perceive as being hostile is the fact that many are unable to realize what their goals are. "Some students come with no idea about what they want to gain from college or what they want to do afterward" (LaSere Erickson, Peters & Weltner Strommer 244). Similarly, other come with expectations that are too high and come across an environment where it is more difficult for them to progress rapidly. As a result, they end up being stressed and they start to realize that the domain that they chose is not exactly in accordance with their dreams. Parents are also accountable in this situation because they influence children in adopting particular attitudes regarding education. Instead of providing their children…[continue]

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