Unethical Police Operations Paper

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He fled and was caught. After he was apprehended is when he was hit in the head with the officer s pistol (fracturing his skull and leaving pieces of it logged in the brain). The charges were quietly dropped against the suspect and an Internal Affairs investigation cleared them of all wrong doing. (Terruso, 2011)

Explain the outcomes of the cases. Did you agree with the outcomes? Why or why not?

The situation involving the New York City police officers is still in the court system. So far I agree with the outcome. This is because they were deliberately breaking the law by selling automatic weapons to criminal elements. Moreover, they were also working with organized crime to sell cigarettes that were stolen from the police evidence room. This can erode the confidence of the general public in the department s ability to objectively enforce the law. When this happens, it will affect investigations and their outcomes. As a result, they had to be stopped before the situation became worse. (Rashbaum, 2011)

While the case in Elizabeth, resulted in the suspect suing the department for violating his Fifth Amendment rights (in civil litigation). He received $1.5 million in damages against…[continue]

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