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(Walton) "Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) and Ultra-Wide Bandwidth (UWB), new data transmission protocols, make online connections so much cheaper, faster and easier to use that it's possible to simultaneously cut costs and improve employee productivity by converting offices to wireless connectivity." (Johnston)

Comparing Types

WiMAX proposes challenges to providers of DSL, as well as, cable-modem service as its design can accommodate varying ways to transmit data. One: http://computer.howstuffworks.com/ip-telephony.htm" Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables individuals to use a broadband Internet connection to "phone" long-distance and internationally. (Grabianowski and Brain) Some experts foresee a close race for fixed WiMax broadband services to win over other broadband technologies. Others who study this issue contend, however, as WiMAX can provide the bandwidth, identical to fiber alternatives, including, DSL, at a fair, marketable expense, it can convinces competitors' customers to switch to their fixed wireless version of services. Even though controversies exist as to whether WiMAX can compete with cable, DSL and 3G, criteria to be considered includes that a normal "hot zone," or "cell" may include an area of 1-6 miles. WiMAX, on the brighter side,.".. features a more bandwidth-efficient radio technology that can support data rates up to 100 Mbps in the same 20-MHz channel that 802.11a and g wireless LANs use to deliver 54 Mbps. Most importantly, the 802.16 access protocol is designed for carrier services and can scale to hundreds of simultaneous users." (Finneran) Finneran contends that DSL services, as well as cable, which have been providing services longer than WiMAX, are currently available to approximately 80% of individuals in the United States. Their technology reportedly focuses on the end user, while WiMAX's marketing focus will at first target equipment providers and carriers. In time, however, because WiMAX will not have to run cables, its costs could prove less expensive than fees currently charged for high and low speed Internet subscriptions. WiMAX could win against competitors as it could also potentially provide high-speed services in rural and suburban areas now serviced by the dial-up modem handshake with traditionally slow connections and time-dawdling downloads; areas considered too costly to wire by telephone and cable companies. Mathias, and Phifer believe: "There's little doubt that this WiMAX application will replace proprietary fixed wireless broadband over the next decade."


Just as dates projected for WiMAX to be able to provide full services differ and as reports regarding specifications of services are frequently diverse, experts also regularly disagree regarding WiMAX's future. Johnson, however, appears to state what many foresee for WiMAX:

we are betting on its success and see the global market for WiMAX exceeding $1 billion in five years."

If in its endeavors, WiMAX continues to find viable needs and fills them, WiMAX may just do what it's expected to do; perhaps even more, with faster than average speeds, in infinite locations.


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