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Achievement Outside of the Classroom

My parents were against the idea of a dog, but I was determined that we would get a puppy. I did my research, and, information in hand, pitched the idea of raising an assistance dog to my parents. We would raise a puppy for a year, providing it with care and teaching basic commands. If she passed her tests, she would be trained as an assistance dog. If not, we would have the option of keeping her. My parents fell for it, hook, line, and sinker, and two months later we picked up Frito, a yellow-lab puppy. Between chewed-up shoes, obedience school, ruined carpet, romps in the park, and playing ball, the year flew by more quickly than I ever imagined it would, and the day came to have Frito's skills assessed. I watched nervously, half-hoping that he would mess up as the trainer tested him on the things we had learned in puppy obedience classes. Frito passed with flying colors, and I cried on the way home as Frito was led back to the training kennels. I cried again four-months later at Frito's graduation from the training program, where I got to meet the wheelchair-bound little boy, Kenny, with whom Frito had been placed. When Frito had first been accepted to the training program, I felt as if I had lost my best friend. The day of Frito's graduation, I realized that I had actually helped Kenny find his best friend.


The one constant in business is that it is ever-changing. One need only look at the tremendous recent advances in technology and the trend towards outsourcing and globalization to realize that the face of business has changed dramatically in the recent past and that the rate of change appears to be accelerating. This change is why I feel that a business curriculum that mandates core courses in a variety of business areas is important to any person seeking a career in business. While the face of business may be ever-changing, the underlying skills necessary to be successful in business remain the same. However, the rate of change makes…

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