Adult Literacy Program Plan Adult Research Proposal

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Also, the privacy of the venue, outside of a workplace or family setting, would encourage participation and attendance amongst fellow learners undergoing the same struggle.

c. How can finding a solution result in significant changes/improvements?

Possessing the skills that make one literate means an individual is less likely to need government assistance, is better able to be promoted and to find a secure job, and can feel more meaningfully engaged with society. Also, recruiting teachers and even properly trained volunteers from the community will enable more people to see that illiterate adults are often not lacking in intelligence, but simply in opportunities. Special volunteer campaigns could be created soliciting teachers with specializations in learning disabilities and ESL to treat the needs of these populations. To educate adults with more foundational skills, teenage volunteers and members of the community could provide tutoring services. This would create greater community connections between different social demographics. It might introduce some young people to the profession of teaching as well as give the teens valuable resume-building experiences and increase their awareness of the problems of adults with learning difficulties and the need to improve schooling in our…

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