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Ali, G.; Lalani, N.; Ali, C.; Nadia, A.M.; (2015) Community mental health initiatives in Pakistan, Nursing Standard, 29(22)

This article focuses on the mental health initiatives in Pakistan and how they impact and influence the needs assessment approach of the nursing community. In order to promote effective mental health nursing, the study looked at how to identify the mental health needs in local communities through the use of action research and activities that relied on needs assessment. The study found that there was a positive transformation in the patients, nursing educators and postgraduate nursing students when recognizing the challenges that abound with the mental health needs in Pakistan. This study is an excellent example of how the needs assessment approach, when complemented by mental health initiatives, benefits the mental health community.

Appleton, J.V. & Cowley, S.; (2008) Health visiting assessment -- unpacking critical attributes in health visitor needs assessment practice: A case study, International Journal of Nursing Studies, 45(2) p. 232-245

Assessing family health needs in the UK is an ongoing service provided by health...


This study determined that there are characteristics that are an important part of the needs assessment, and that those characteristics guide the health visitor in an effective manner towards completing an efficient and comprehensive needs assessment. According to the study the characteristics reflect the basic principles of health visiting assessment practice. This particular study would be most helpful to the nursing community that conducts in-home evaluations and total family needs assessments

Houston, A.M. & Cowley, S.; (2002) An empowerment approach to needs assessment in health visiting practice, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 11(5) p. 640-650

The Houston & Cowley paper was an early indication of the needs assessment framework and the amount of tweaking that has gone on in the nursing community regarding how best to implement the needs assessment approach. Houston & Cowley attempted to determine how effective needs assessment would be using an empowerment framework and demonstrating a flexible approach to needs assessment. What the study concluded was that the empowerment approach to needs assessment was 'user friendly' (p. 649) for both the medical practitioners and the patients who often expressed delight in that they felt enabled to join the prioritizing process. Such a conclusion likely leads to the…

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Lockwood, A. & Marshall, M.: (1999) Can a standardized needs assessment be used to improve the care of people with severe mental disorders? A pilot study of 'needs feedback', Journal of Advanced Nursing, 30(6) p. 1408-1415

The Lockwood & Marshall study helped determine that "needs" based care in the field of nursing can best be implemented by looking, observing, talking with and diagnosis the patient from a total needs viewpoint rather than the more traditional diagnose and treat methodology. According to their study the needs based approach was much more likely to consider all the patient's needs rather than just addressing the immediate medical malady. The study found that using a needs based approach works not only in the physical medical field but in the mental aspects as well.

The article also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the needs based approach through the eyes of the nursing community. Though the article and study were completed nearly sixteen years ago, it is still very relevant to the current nursing field in that it provides information and data that demonstrates how effective and efficient needs-based nursing can be. The study will be helpful in defining exactly how the nursing community can benefit from taking a needs based approach regarding the treatment of mental disorders.

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