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¶ … September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States did not happen in a vacuum and were not isolated events. On the contrary, those terrorist attacks were one of a string of similar events, signifying the growing jihad movement around the world. Although most media attention since September 11 has focused on major international groups based outside of the United States, the reports of investigative journalists have shown that Muslim extremism has been brewing for decades even in the United States. As early as 1974, Brian Jenkins was writing about international terrorism as a clear and present danger. Decades later, Jenkins continued to investigate the causes and repercussions of the September 11 terrorist attacks. In "Would-be Warriors," Jenkins (2010) documents dozens (46 to be exact) of only the publically reported cases of "domestic radicalization and recruitment" to jihad movements in America (iii). These recruitments are often voluntary, as individuals feel drawn to the movement and either participate in domestic terrorism cells or move abroad to participate in operations....


Jihadist movements are certainly a concern for all Americans and indeed all citizens of the world.

In the decade leading up to the September 11 terrorist attacks, journalist Steven Emerson had begun an in-depth investigation of Muslim extremism in the United States. Emerson's findings became the basis for a television documentary and book called American Jihad, along with several other productions and publications. These findings predated the September 11 terrorist attacks, much as Jenkins's original reports from the 1970s. Journalists have been aware that home-grown Muslim extremism was a problem not widely recognized or acknowledged by Americans. After September 11, however, the United States has been forced to reckon with the fact that terrorism can be fostered and fomented domestically as well as abroad. Responses to terrorism have been informed by such reports, and have led to measures of preventing terrorism (Jenkins, 2010).

Investigative journalism does reveal the fact that while most Muslims in America are not part of jihad movements, jihad is by definition a Muslim extremist phenomenon. Jihad sentiments can flourish in mosques and schools anywhere, including communities in the United States. Even the most innocent sounding organizations can have tacit connections to terrorist groups, either through shared resources and funding or through ideology (Emerson, 2002). There may also be certain types of people who are drawn to jihad movements, although Jenkins (2010) insists that there is no such…

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