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John Steinbeck, a talented Renaissance man and genius, is the writer of The Pearl, which was published in the year 1947. The book is grounded in legend: the author was first introduced to the tale of pearls when gathering specimens of marine biology in the year 1940 from the Gulf of California (or Sea of Cortes). Steinbeck was famous for his remarkable and fascinating activities, such as gathering specimens of marine biology from the Gulf of California. At first, he desired to portray his tale in the form of a movie; however, he ended up portraying it in the form of a short novel, to the great fortune of the literary world. The story serves as a moral tale on evil and avarice, narrating a simple account to convey a great old message (Schmoop, 2016).

The uncomplicated, touching tale of Steinbeck's was published initially in the year 1945, in the American monthly, Woman's Home Companion, as "The Pearl of the World." The tale examines colonial capitalism's damaging impact on the modest goodness of a time-honored native cultural system (Sparknotes, 2016). The author made it a career goal to bare the...


This particular narrative is also along the same lines: it revolves around a poor couple who stumbles upon a gigantic pearl -- and end up having the whole village turned against them. A number of readers view it as a criticism of the traditional American Dream, implying that the author wasn't very well-liked by some pro-capitalist, nationalistic groups. The story's setting is an Indian village in Mexico's Baja California Peninsula, during the dawn of the twentieth century. It narrates the tale of a native pearl diver, Kino, who comes across a beautiful, huge, and immensely valuable pearl, which triggers in him the desire to give up his unadorned, peaceful life for pursuing social and material advancement -- this dream takes him straight into colonial Spain's oppressive resistance, which is at the top rung of the social ladder in Kino's country (Schmoop, 2016).

Though much simpler than his other books, The Pearl figures as one of Steinbeck's most popular as well as most accessible stories. It was initially created to be made into a movie (indeed, a film was made on it in…

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