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Accounting and Finance: Apple 10K

As the mission of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is to safeguard its investors, which it does through offering mutual funds, retirement plans, and various other types of investments (SEC. gov, 2021). They believe in treating everyone equally and fairly, for which orderly market maintenance is believed to be mandatory. It is done by being responsive to the market needs that might sometimes face challenges or be following certain trends. Technological advancement in this change regulation is considered imperative to stay updated and monitor changes continuously. Also, the facilitation of capital formation is another facilitation that it provides to its investors for which, the mission is accomplished by giving access to the investment needed. Entrepreneurs are supported with the life-changing financial opportunities or technological assistance that need to be mentioned in their reports as they are enlisted with SEC; similar action was carried out for Apple 10K.

The factors of communication, other than the readers background and feedback, are clarity in message presentation, determination of readers beliefs and language, and the organization of materials in an orderly manner. Since the stakeholders of a company belong to different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, their level of interpretation would be different as well. Highly technical terms and solid financial data might not be…company would face financial solvency or would outperform to be in a position to repay loans. The information needs of employees would be met through the annual reports citation of salary, incentive, and pension plans. The base pay details as compared with market pay would be presented in the report along with rewards and compensation plans. The information needs of customers would be met by the annual report in the form of new products and services that the company would offer them along with future initiatives. The information needs of financial analysts would be stated in the annual report so that audits and financial analysis becomes convenient with detailed accounts…

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SEC. gov. (2021, November 22). What we do.

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