Apple Inc Long Term Growth Under Tim Cook Case Study

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Apple, Inc.: The Company’s Long-Term Growth Under Tim Cook

Steve Jobs, the iconic founder of Apple Inc., is largely associated with the company’s meteoric rise from 1996 - 2011. Jobs was a visionary and creative leader and started the company off on a trend to long-term success. Upon his death, Tim Cook took over as the CEO of Apple. This text largely concerns itself with how Cook has addressed the company’s long-term growth. Further, it also looks into how successful the said growth has been.

To begin with, as has been pointed out in the Case Study, Cook has managed to shepherd Apple Inc. into becoming the very first company with a capitalization of $800 billion. At the time of Job’s death, the company was worth $350 billion. This effectively means that under Tim’s watch, the company has more than doubled in value. It is, however, important to note that for the company to fully secure its place in the future marketplace, it has to ease its overreliance on the iconic iPhone’ sales. Indeed, as has been indicated in the Case Study, the multinational has, to a large extent, released existing product derivatives – effectively cementing the company’s dependence on the iPhone which accounts for approximately 70 percent of its revenues. This means that there is an intricate link between the iPhone and the company’s fate. New product lines would insulate the company’s revenues against occasional shocks (as a consequence of increased competition in this space). It would also be prudent to note that such a course of action ought not to be necessarily inclined towards the release of products that complement the iPhone, i.e. the Apple watch. This is more so the case given that as has been pointed out in the Case Study, the company’s efforts on this front have not borne much fruit. Considerations in this case could be inclusive of augmented reality glasses, etc.

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