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com). Sedate it is definitely not. We read, "Even from this distance the tower's abundant ornamentation is clear. Its Northern Italian Gothic style adds exotic elements to the neighborhood's skyline." ( Trinity Church cannot be overlooked when examining the history and architecture of Boston. It is said, "James O'Gorman described Trinity as 'a cultural event of the first importance in American history'" (O'Gorman qtd. In Trinity church is significant because it "represents a departure of the Boston's mind from its Puritan past, and emergence of American creativity as a force in architecture" ( The churches of Boston are not special to Bostonians. It is written in the Catholic Historical Review that in 2005, "The National Trust for Historic Preservation announced... that it had included the Historic Catholic Churches of Greater Boston, Massachusetts, in its 2005 list of America's Eleven Most Endangered Historic Places" (Catholic Historical Review). The churches of Boston are said to:

Embody the spiritual and artistic achievements of generations of the faithful. These noble houses of worship -- representing a wide range of styles from High Victorian Gothic to Arts and Crafts -- are intertwined with the development of many historic and ethnic neighborhoods across Boston and eastern Massachusetts. (Catholic Historical Review)

Clearly, the churches of Boston deserve notoriety if for nothing but their structure.

An interesting structure from the contemporary era in Boston's architectural history is the John Hancock Tower. We are told, "At 790 feet, its sixty floors are the dominant feature on Boston's skyline" ( 10,344 panes of glass blend with the sky and reflect impressionistic images of the city around the John Hancock Tower. At night with its lights off, it is a silent hole cut in the center of the sky" ( Another building illustrating great architectural design is City Hall. "The architects of City Hall explain that the structure of the building is suggestive of the workings of government" ( Another beautiful contemporary structure is Rowe's Warf. "From the sea its double arched portico correctly appears as the entryway into the city. From the land Rowe's Wharf reconnects the city to the shore, and reminds us of...


Unlike other buildings that fit into a neighborhood, Rowe's Wharf defines a space yet to come. As the barrier of the central artery is removed, and the waterfront is developed, Rowe's Wharf and the Boston Harbor Hotel are positioned to be a hub of a new city waterfront" ( The past and the present coexist in Boston's Fenway Park. The park, constructed in 1912, operates as America's "oldest ballpark in operation" ( We read, "With real grass, and an audience close in and at field level, the stacks of green bleachers provide approximately 33,900 spectators an oasis in the city. There are still hand operated score boards in the outfield, and "bullpens" close enough for players to talk to fans" ( While we examine the contemporary era of architecture in Boston, it is difficult to separate the past from the present in many cases. These structures illustrate how the city has evolved along with the nation.

While this paper is certainly not exhaustive, it covers the most significant aspects of Boston's architecture as it relates to the history of the city. Boston is rich with American history and while its structures may simply appear to be buildings, they are much more. From the Old State House to the Light Rail, we see life and growth. Boston is a city whose culture extends from the past into the future and this can be seen in the ornate architecture of churches, city buildings, markets, and entertainment areas. Extraordinary is one word that can be used to describe the architecture that brings thousands of tourists into the city. However, words do not do the architecture in the historical city justice. Boston's architecture demonstrates how architecture of the past is everlasting and the architecture of the future is simply something to be looked forward to with anticipation.

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