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Intellectual Disabilities

I want to work with individuals who fall under the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Individuals diagnosed with any of the conditions that fall in ASD may have cognitive, sensory, social, or developmental challenges that interfere with their intellectual capabilities. While people on the spectrum have increasingly accessed vocational rehabilitation, their outcome in vocational careers is still poor. The cognitive challenges of the people on this spectrum involve the slow ability to process ideas, facts and respond to questions. This is caused by a neurological delay in the processing of verbal or written material. According to Murza (2016), the respondents in his study unanimously agreed that social skills necessary to operate functionally in the work environment were a challenge. Consequently, after leaving high school, most individuals who fall in the ASD spectrum hardly hold any job roles or pursue a stable career path.

The cognitive challenges that individuals who fall in the ASD spectrum encounter challenges in recognizing and being empathetic to other peoples feelings, being aware of nonverbal cues, and observing social norms. Due to the sensory challenges, as established, sensory input may need sensory input to process information (Murza, 2016). Further, they suffer sensitivity to certain sounds or have a poor sense of balance or lack depth of perception and dietary restrictions. Consequently, the rehabilitation process of individuals with such sensory challenges needs to consider…of the sensory barriers or signals can effectively determine the suitable coping strategies that can help the individual overcome their hurdles in learning new skills or adapting to new environments.

Simulating real-life scenarios when learning social skills or practice during vocational training is essential to mirror the real-life scenario and equip the individual with the necessary skills to apply in similar circumstances. Creating teams around the social circle of the individual can help them transition (Malone, 2021). These teams provide social support in the transition phase and act as trustees to consult if they have a challenge. Notably, keeping an empathetic tone is essential to avoid intimidating the individual in the learning process.


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