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Imagery and metaphor were extremely important in Baroque works, and sometimes metaphors became their own metaphors yet again. This poem's images are strong, such as "the iron gates of life," and they create an elaborate and memorable work that is truly Baroque in style. Included are many natural elements common in life, like birds, gardens, and even the sun, which are also elements that point to a Baroque, romantic style.

Bernini's "David" is a fine example classical Baroque artwork. One element that is solidly Baroque is the power and movement of the piece. It is not static or frozen in time. "David" is active, getting ready to slay the giant, and this movement is quite representative of the Baroque style. So is the elaborate clothing David wears, while other versions were unclothed. Elaborate style is part of the Baroque era, and this statue is much more elaborate than any other David created up until then. Finally, the statue exudes emotion,...


Unlike the stoic statues of the Renaissance, the Baroque style was emotional and much freer, and this statue represents that perfectly.

Each of these selections reflects the influence of Baroque culture. They are more elaborate and emotional than Renaissance works, and they bring out emotion in the viewer or listener. They make the viewer respond to the work, and feel as if they have something in common with it, as well. Anyone can identify with the love and loss of love in Marvell's work, as they can understand the sheer power of David in his attempt to stop Goliath. It is as if the artists understand the underdog and want him to win out over adversity at all costs. Finally, "Spring" is such a lilting and happy tune, it is hard not to smile when listening it. It truly does represent the joy of the season's rebirth, and it brings out emotions and feelings in the listener, just as all these works do. Baroque style was elaborate and emotional, and these works sum up the culture and style perfectly.


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