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As mentioned above, communication issues are frequent in this company in the case of top-down communication. This is probably because managers do not appreciate the importance of communication, or they prefer not to include their subordinates in the decision making process. The availability of top managers for their subordinates is another issue that must be modified in order to develop a fair organizational culture.

The Glaser test has also revealed some interesting facts about my company that I did not manage to observe previously, probably because of the involvement in the company's processes. For example, the rather high score in the teamwork and conflict scale reveals that the company is characterized by frequent conflict. Although the atmosphere at work is a rather friendly, collegial, and supportive one, small conflicts tend to develop quickly. This can be attributed to the reduced level of control exerted by the managers
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as a result of the relaxed culture they are trying to implement.

The results in the climate and morale section revealed no surprises. As mentioned above, the atmosphere is a collegial one that intends to support the activity of each employee. Activities are organized in order to encourage teamwork. This way, it is expected that employee productivity and efficiency can be maintained or increased. The results in the supervision scale revealed the reduced control procedures within the company. Although this is useful in allowing employees a certain level of freedom that satisfies their needs, it also leads to conflicts among subordinates. It is required that managers intensify their supervision procedures. This is connected with the involvement of managers within the activity of subordinates. Their involvement is another aspect that managers must address when developing the strategy of the company.

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